Uk: Post Election Update on Hunting by Mike Huskisson of the Uk ‘Animal Cruelty Investigation Group’

Below is a message from Mike at the ‘Animal Cruelty Investigation Group’ which is based in England, Uk.  This gives an update on the post (Uk) election which has now witnessed the first coalition government in the Uk for many years.  The coalition government is formed by both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrat Party, the latter being mainly anti hunt in their views.  This is good news as the Conservative party were hoping to achieve an outright win at the general election – and with a majority of MP’s, they would be able to repeal (vote out and re-introduce) the hunting act which bans hunting and which is currently legislation on the Uk statute books (law). 

David Cameron is the leader of the ‘Conservative Party’ and is very much a foxhunter.  He would love to repeal the hunting act which exists in the Uk at present.  As Mike says, with a coalition government now in government, things look fairly bleak for the pro-hunt brigade (GREAT !!!) as they will probaly not be able to get enough votes from MP’s to repeal the hunting act.

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Dear Supporter/contact,

Action for Compassion!

Thank you for all your considerable help during the election campaign and for all your work to support compassionate candidates. The result was bad but by no means as bad as it might have been!!
Now we have to campaign harder than ever during the coming months. My own personal view is that David Cameron will not bring forward a vote on the Hunting Act unless he can be sure of winning that vote and getting the Act repealed. If he brought it forward and lost then the hunting of animals with dogs, that he and his hunting chums so love, would have gone for ever.

At the moment a vote count amongst MPs suggests that David Cameron would probably lose a free vote on the hunting issue. He will probably try to overcome that problem by solving the so-called “West Lothian” question whereby Scottish MPs can vote on issues that apply purely to England. If they are barred from doing that, so that Scottish MPs supportive of the hunting ban cannot vote on the hunting issue, then the mathematics would change significantly.
To support their campaign to repeal the Hunting Act the hunt dirty tricks department will soon go in to overdrive. We all know that our opponents think of nothing other than restoring their sordid pastimes in full to our countryside and they are wholly and completely callous. We need to be alert to the following actions that they are suspected of planning:
Hunters and shooters may work together to create a stream of wounded and injured foxes. There could be a sudden surge in shot or snared foxes found in our countryside. Hunt supporters will then look to their friends in the media and the veterinary profession to whip up the hysteria for repealing the Hunting Act. They will point to the newly found injured foxes and raise the (false) cry: there are “no injured foxes in hunting” and “it is time for hunting to come back”!
Another angle they are suspected of exploring is the sudden “failure” of hunts. Ever since the hunting ban we have been told that hunting is more popular than ever. Our own local Harrier pack was welcomed by a “record crowd” last Boxing Day. But that doesn’t play well when it comes to pressurising MPs to make the Parliamentary time to repeal the Hunting Act. So now we will probably see a sudden about turn. The hunts will suddenly have become impoverished. The new message will be: “we cannot continue like this; the Hunting Act must be repealed or we will have to close down and kill all the hounds”! And make no mistake these people really are callous enough to close a few hunts down and kill all their hounds just to prove this point!

It will exert tremendous pressure on MPs particularly the new ones who have no knowledge of the ways of hunters. Can you imagine something like Countryfile (ever the best friend of the hunters) with a five minute piece of a Huntsman in tears over the deaths of all his precious hounds? This will be extreme psychological pressure. If it sounds far fetched remember that in the past there was at least one hunt that was forced to close down where the hunt supporters who had puppy-walked the hounds pleaded that they could take “their” hounds back and look after them but the hunt refused the offer preferring instead to slaughter all the hounds. Apparently at that time they saw the slaughter of all the hounds as some kind of threat to the public about what would happen to all hounds should hunting ever be banned (a hollow threat as it turned out!).
We must to be alert to every cruel and callous plan that our opponents can conceive.
We need to write like we have never written before to our MPs, particularly to the new ones. Often they just have no idea as to what hunting is about. Here at the ACIG and the Animal Welfare Information Service we have guides and pamphlets that highlight the cruelty inherent in bloodsports that we would be pleased to send you, for you to pass on to your MP. We need to tell the politicians and we need to prove to them that we really care about this issue. We also need to let them know that we care about badgers and we do not want them culled at huge expense just to appease a bunch of ignorant and cruel farmers.
You may have seen that during the election campaign we sent these “Action for Compassion” circulars from the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group and circulated letters to the press from its sister group the Animal Welfare Information Service. The senior group is the ACIG and we are pleased to welcome people as new supporters in return for any donation, this includes foreign currency, coins and notes, old and new and unwanted or broken jewellery.

We can exchange this for cash for our funds. We also welcome donations of unused UK postage stamps. Finally we greatly appreciate donations of any small items (easily posted) that we can sell on stalls to raise funds. In view of the coming battles ahead new support would be greatly welcomed!! Please help us in our campaigns for compassion and decency in our treatment of animals. We do not bombard our supporters with literature as we only mail twice a year, in August and February.

Please take a look at our web site to see the successes we have been able to achieve since we started in 1989.

Thank you.
Kindest regards,
Mike Huskisson

Keep hunting where it belongs – in the Uk history books !

Spain: Injured Bullfighter Returned to Intensive Care

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Latest 30/05/10

MADRID — A Madrid hospital says Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio has returned to intensive care and is fighting an infection after a horrific goring in the throat by a bull.

Aparicio had left the unit and was recovering well on Monday following surgery to reconstruct his throat, mouth and palate, but outbreak of an infection forced a return to the unit where doctors placed him on mechanically assisted breathing, October 12 Hospital said.

In a statement released Saturday the hospital says Aparicio is now breathing normally and it describes his condition as “grave” but stable.

The matador slipped in a bullring, fell to the ground and a 1,168 pound (530-kilogram) bull drove his right horn through Aparicio’s throat and out his mouth.