South Africa: World Cup Animal Slaughters – Government Contact Details and Sample Letter

Info supplied by ‘Scotland for Animals’:

We’ve been asked by many of you asking for South African Govt. and Consular contacts. Please see below details and sample email.

Please send and forward on to all contacts

South African High Commission UK:

( If outside UK for embassies in your own country visit: )

Ministry of Tourism:

President Jacob Zuma:

Director General, Ministry of Sport and Recreation:

Sample email letter;

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to complain regarding your Government’s decision to endorse the ritual sacrifice of live animals at stadiums during the coming World Cup event.

I am dismayed that this is being promoted as a “cultural event” and being carried out to ensure the tournament goes ahead in “true African style”.

I find it very hard to believe that the practice of torturing and killing animals is seen by most Africans as a positive or acceptable act that is somehow linked to African culture. I note that your “Rainbow Nation” is trying very hard to present itself to the world as a modern, dynamic state.  I am extremely doubtful that the brutalisation of defenceless animals will be seen as a positive advance from the horrors of Apartheid and other shameful periods in your nation’s history that has so damaged it.

As the South African economy is so reliant on tourism and international trade I would appeal to you to think very carefully about letting this spectacle take place as I am aware that, despite your best efforts to keep plans for this slaughter quiet, word is rapidly spreading and potential visitors are far from happy.

I hope that you will reconsider the situation and prevent any acts of animal sacrifice from going ahead.

Yours faithfully

**Please ensure you include your postal address at all times**