Serbia: 18/05/10 – New Photographs of Loznica Pound Animal Killings and Conditions at City Dump. No Wonder Stray Animals Are Attracted !!





Some of our recent post relating to Loznica city pound:

In the following photographs you can see the location of the city pound / shelter for stray animals.  Convenient, as it is adjacent to the city dump, the place where a lot of the dead strays seem to end up.

Note – many of the following photographs show different parts of the Loznica shelter; and the dead animals killed by hunters which surround it.

The proximity of the shelter to the dump (facility behind cars).

Dead animal bodies everywhere !

The Animal Protection Society from Loznica city has obtained information that the building which is shown in the photographs, the ‘shelter’ for homeless animals, –

has been provided with 14 million dinars + for animal welfare.

Below are 5 of our archive pictures of the situation at Loznica ‘shelter’ – note the red brickwork in other photographs:

The photographs have been supplied by the people of Loznica city.  It is alleged that the fencing around the shelter has been partly destroyed in order that some of the animals  held at the shelter can escape; only to then be killed by hunters from the area.  One of the photographs shows used gun cartridges as used by the hunters. 

A used hunters cartridge lies in the waste.


A hunters ‘target’ which survived the ordeal – but since killed ???

We are including also many pictures of dogs (ex strays which have been captured and sent to the shelter, only then to escape via the destroyed fencing and become a hunters target). 

The President of the local hunters society, which we are informed is called ‘Gucevo’, has said that the pound / shelter is ‘located in the hunters area, and so the hunters have the right to kill the animals’ !!

Less fortunate hunters ‘targets’ shown below:


Red brickwork above – see previous photographs.

Again Note the Red brickwork – dead animals very close to the ‘shelter’.

The Shelter in the Background.

Any wonder that other stray animals are attracted ?

When things such as this are lying around the city dump !!

– a haven for rats also, as well as stary dogs and cats, one would guess.

Dead Animals Strewn Amongst the Garbage.


Please take action as outlined in our previous posts.

A sample letter, complete with e mail addresses is provided.