“Balkans Animal Suffering” – A SAV ‘Sister’ Site Specifically For Balkans Animals

In case you are not aware, we also run another site; still for Balkans animals.

It is called “Balkans Animal Suffering” (BAS) and can be accessed through the following link:


All of the Balkans specific posts covered on this site (SAV) are also covered on BAS.

No other (non Balkans) international animal issues are dealt with on BAS – it is a Balkans animals site exclusively dedicated to helping animals in Balkans states.

BAS was established due to the fact that SAV has become much more international regarding the animal welfare issues it now covers.  Whilst we welcome publicising animal welfare work across the world, the original concept of the SAV formation has now taken on a much broader and very much more international status.  So we needed to revert in some way to a specific site dedicated to only Balkans animal issues.  That site can be found at BAS.

Both SAV and BAS will continue to be updated regularly; SAV will continue to lead the way with global animal issues; and with BAS covering only those which are associated with Balkans events.

We hope you get a chance to visit BAS sometime.  The vast majority of text is the same (as SAV), the ‘posts’ are the same, but the overall layout is a little different.


Here are just a tiny selection of the masses of Balkans animal photographs we have stored in our archive.

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