Serbia: Loznica City ‘Shelter’ – Captured Stray Dogs Used For Target Practice by Local Hunters – SAMPLE PROTEST LETTER INCLUDED






The little female dog which you can see here lives in Loznica city pound in Serbia.



There are many dogs which live in this shelter.  Each month, many dogs are killed by local hunters who appear to be using them as living targets.

Members of the Serbian parliament who represent Loznica always speak against stray dogs whenever they have the opportunity.  They never speak out about the irresponsible owners; those who care nothing about their animals and do not get them sterilised; thus continuing to add further to the stray animal numbers when they reproduce.

These same members of the parliament ask for all stray dogs to be killed.

Rather than being a representative of the constituency they represent, Loznica politicians appear to be going out of their way to spread bad news about stray animals throughout the Serbian parliament.  Their basic stance is ‘hate animals’ !

Spreading hate through the parliament about sentient creatures is not civilised and it should definitely not be the work of politicians – has Serbia not seen enough hate by humans in the last 20 years to now carry on with this attitude ? – they really should move away from spreading hate, and move into the 21st Century.

When Serbian animal activists brought a criminal charge about this issue, hunter ‘training’ on shelter animals was stopped for around two to three weeks.  Because the police have done nothing further and the city inspectors have not acted as a result of the charge, things appear to be going back to how they were – hunters using shelter animals as targets; a kind of ‘canned hunting’.

Public garbage firms who are responsible for the catching of stray animals throughout Serbia are given millions from the public purse.  Cats and dogs are continually caught – cats are killed immediately and the dogs are thrown into so called ‘shelters’ before they are taken away and killed.

See our post at  

for an example of what the alleged ‘shelter’ at Loznica city pound is like.

Maybe some of these animals have now been killed by being used as living targets by the local hunters.

Below is a sample letter relating to this case and the non enforcement of serbian national legislation for strays since 2005.  Legislation which the government are now attempting to overturn in order that they can legally continue to kill strays, even though they have been committing illegal activities by doing this since 2005.  You can copy this sample letter and send to the Serbian government, the EU Enlargement Commissioner, and also to the OIE for World animal health, who are based in Paris.  Full contact listings are given in the details (sample letter) below.


To  Serbian Government ;,,

CC :

Media :

Commissioner Rehn – EU:

OIE Paris:

Block Listing of above:,


LETTER to copy and send – 


To whom it may concern;

I am writing to express my complete and utter disgust at the situation I have seen at Loznica city pound.

Firstly, I understand that it is a regular occurrence that dogs which are attempting to survive in such squalid conditions at this so-called ‘animal shelter’ are regularly being used as living targets by local hunters.  I have seen the photographic evidence of one small female dog which has been shot through the body with a hunters arrow.

Secondly, the conditions for animals at Loznica ‘shelter’ are a disgrace, especially when you are allegedly providing millions of dinars to make the place more suitable for animals.  One has to ask where exactly this money is really going – maybe into the pockets of Serbian politicians rather than animal welfare.

Members of the Serbian parliament who represent Loznica always speak against stray dogs whenever they have the opportunity.  They never speak out about the irresponsible animal owners of Loznica; those people who care nothing about their animals, who  turn them out on the street every day, to mate with other animals, the same owners who make no attempt to get their animal(s) sterilised; something which would very rapidly reduce the numbers of strays on the streets if only this were to happen.  Progress in reducing stray animal numbers needs to be obtained through education and a sterilisation programme, and responsible pet ownership.  Serbia does not appear to be moving in any direction with any of these programmes at the moment – apart that is, from its endless and pointless stray killing attitude, which will never significantly reduce stray animal numbers in the long term.

The Serbian media continue to use a language of nothing but hate against stray animals.  But the media does very little to analyse what has been continuously stated by animal welfare organisations regarding a national sterilisation, vaccination and identification programme to reduce stray numbers long term.  Where the money which is currently being used for rounding up and killing a small percentage of strays, it could and should be diverted to instead be used to sterilise, vaccinate and identify treated strays on the streets; strays which are identified as having been sterilised and which are of no ‘threat’ to increasing stray animal populations.

Shinters (dog catchers) need to be educated to ignore animals which are identified as being sterilised, rather than simply going on their killer mindset frenzy of wiping out every animal which they come across.

Where exactly is all the money for the shelters and for animal control programmes actually going ? – could it instead be being siphoned off into the pockets of politicians ? – food for thought and certainly the views of Serbian animal campaigners who see very little progress in the standards of personnel (shinters) and the conditions of animal shelters across Serbia.

Sterilised animals do not produce offspring; but neither the Serbian government or the Serbian media appear to understand this basic fact of nature.  Money needs to be put into a sterilisation programme, not a continual killing programme which kills some strays but allows other non-sterilised animals to reproduce and effectively, continue replacing the numbers of animals which have recently been caught and killed by an archaic and very uneducated regime.

Serbian animal activists have much proof of animal abuses and have asked for the intervention of the Serbian government in agreement with the obligation (of the government) which is defined in Article 192 of the Serbian Constitution, and also Article 8 of the Law of Government.  Despite their requests to the Serbian government, these citizens of Serbia are being ignored.  So what can be said about the rights of Serbian citizens when they are ignored by their own government, despite there being legal obligations which the government should adhere to ?

I am sending a copy of this letter to the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Mr. Olli Rehn; to inform him that in no way is Serbia currently in a position to be accepted into the EU.  It is clear from the situations at Loznica alone, regardless of any other Serbian cities and their approach to stray animal control procedures, that you as a government are not enforcing your own rule of law, a fundamental requirement for membership of the EU.  An additional copy of this letter is being forwarded to the OIE, Paris, to inform them of the animal abuses and non-compliance with the existing animal protection legislation in Serbia.  Legislation which the government would appear to be ignoring and dismissing.

Instead, you continue to allow local authorities to work using the old, outdated and illegal legislation of Pravilnik 29/94; legislation which has since 2005 been overwritten by Article 168, the Serbian Veterinary Law of 02/10/2005.

Local authorities across Serbia are using Pravilnik 29/94 to continue killing animals held in pounds after 3-7 days when in fact they should now, and from late 2005, have been using the new Veterinary Law Article 168 which demands the care of animals, not the killing.

This has recently been verified to Serbian animal campaigners by the Constitutional Court of Serbia.  Proof of this can be provided if requested, either by the Serbian government, the EU Enlargement commission, or the OIE for animal health in Paris.

You, as the Serbian government, are not enforcing the current veterinary law to proterct animals.  Instead, you are continuing to use old and now illegal legislation for the killing of animals.  This is not acceptable and the EU Commissioner is now going to be informed that the Serbian government cannot enforce ‘the rule of law’ as required to be shown for EU membership.

Although as a government you should be fully aware of national legislation, but obviously you are not, I will have to make it clear to you:

Pravilnik 29/94 became nonexistent on 02/10/2005 when it was replaced by the new veterinary law Article 168 which demands the care of animals, not the killing.

Also, I now understand that authorities have started discussions at a meeting in Negotin; where these authorities have plans to introduce a new version of the old and illegal Pravilnik 29/94, which returns back to allowing animal killings after 30 days of being held in a shelter.

There would be not law for the care of animals under this new regime, simply a policy of kill, kill, kill.

I guess the reason for this new kill policy is because shinters, veterinarians and many politicians all take money from the public purse by being involved with an animal killing strategy.  You obviously wish to keep these advocates of animal killing funded from the public purse, so you are possibly going to introduce new legislation (the new Pravilnik 29/94) to ensure that this continues to happen.  Public money for continued killing with no real long term programme to reduce animal numbers by other methods – this is what the Negotin discussions are aimed at.

This discussion has started in the city of Bor; the city where over 1,000 bodies of illegally killed animals have been left on the city dump, and also where live animals are left on the dump wrapped in plastic bags to suffer a long and terrible death.

Again, we have the evidence and can provide photographs to any parties who request them.


The Serbian government is not enforcing new (2005) national legislation to protect animals,

The Serbian government are not enforcing the law of the Serbian government,

the law for public competition,

The Serbian government are not enforcing the Criminal Code,

The Serbian government are not enforcing the verdict of the Constitutional Court of Serbia, or enforcing the Serbian Constitution,

In summary, there is no enforcement of the Serbian ‘rule of law’ and as such, I consider that you as a nation are not elegible for membership of the EU until you show positive changes with regard each and every one of these areas.

Both Commissioner Rehn at the EU and the OIE Paris will be provided with a copy of this mail.


Your Name: 

Your Nationality:



 After surgery to remove the arrow, the dog has started to recover from her abuse and injuries.



She is a lucky one – many others are not. 

These pictures show the reality of Serbian shelters in 2010 and this outlines the COMPLETE LACK OF CONCERN from a Serbian government in 2010  !!





53 Responses

  1. Unfortunatelly , I am not sure that she is full lucky ,because she is turned back to this city shelter and maybe she will be kill tomorrow or in some next day , by hunter who will shot her or use some other way .Hunters collaborate to shinters and do their hunter-training whenever they want .

  2. I cried when I saw that photo of that poor sweet dog, who could have a heart to do such a horrible thing to a dog, someone should shoot that heartless bastard. Why is hunting legal anyway, it is so disgusting to allow people with guns & bows to shoot harmless animals & homeless and hungry at that. The Serbian government needs to look at how many of their animals are SO BADLY MISTREATED it doesn’t say much for their country being civilised.

  3. Can someone adopt this poor sweet dog ? There are many good people in Serbia please don’t send it back to that horrible shelter. The government needs to take tougher measures against the people who are running it and allowing this terrible thing to go on.

  4. Stop using those poor animals for target practice !!!

  5. This is outrages!!!
    Serbia reform and enforce laws in your country to protect animal cruelty and animal abuse in all forms!!!
    This is your responsibility and your obligation to be a civilized and humane country.Anything else is hippocracy and monsterous to say the least…!!!!!!

    • Serbia has good new laws – serbian laws demand care and killings are forbeeden, BUT serbian authorities from top to bottom don`t want immplement own laws because .CORUPTION and animal mafia profit.

  6. poor baby, really do hope she gets a good home wiv loving caring poeple. fuckin bricks do this poor animals, this country got to stop this cruelty and shame on ye in the shelters workers doing nothing abt it, lettin poeple killin them!!! shame on ye all..

  7. Sadistic morons who have nothing better to do than take their perverse pleasure out on animals. They clearly have no respect or compassion. If there is any justice, they will pay a heavy price in the afterlife.

  8. Well it’s not only hunters you know I saved a kitten that kids had put in a bag, God knows wwhat they would have made of him and found a good home for that tiny life. I really had to hit them and steal the bag, omg…
    Be sure I won’t forget to talk about Serbia during the next worldwide protest for World Animals’ Day. Europe must wake up!! Serbian activists can’t fight alone.
    We ‘ve had enough of cruelty. And I really feel desperate that we are in the 21st and so many ppl only care about the last smartphone. Our world is dead and full or marching corpses…ppl even kill their own kids, lots of “accidents” have occured lately, the truth is ppl are unable to care, period.

    • We fight here very hard , but we need help in form of moral support.We want here implementation all serbian laws and Full no kill sterilisation strategy like demand new laws.By new laws : the killing unwanted dogs/cats is forbeeden and municipality budget must pay for care and for birth control.Please support us.Thanks.

    • That is so true, Serbian activists can’t fight alone. There are Face book pages where those who love animals, do their best to find homes for abandoned dogs/cats, “Mila-nas heroj” which translates as “Mila-our hero” is one of them. The main problem is that such sick ppl, like the one who did this to the poor dog in the above photos, are not punished as the laws in Serbia recommend. The Serbian government must be pressed to start punishing monsters that willfully harm animals! Serbian activists need help from Europe, with turning a blind eye to crime against animals, Serbia HAS NO PLACE in Europian Union

  9. This is just pure evil in raw form!

  10. Just outrageous and distressing – that poor little dog. I can’t comprehend such cruelty.

    I personalised the sample letter considerably, and sent to all the email addresses – I just hope to goodness SOMEONE will do SOMETHING!

  11. protect animals from human cruelty

  12. Sent sample letter – I agree, people seem to be getting worse – I despair that the human race will ever make the grade.

  13. selvaggi!come si può essere così crudelòi?

  14. c’est honteux, nous ne sommes plus au moyen age, il faudrait que les habitants de votre pays arrêtent de croire que les animaux sont sur terre pour qu’ils puissent les torturer en toute impunité, je suis extrèmement choquée par les photos ci-dessus, et je vais faire de façon à informer tout mon entourage sur l’horreur qui règne dans votre pays et que vous laisser faire sans réagir, c’est vraiment une honte

    • @ Rampin Sophie :Je suis totalement de cet avis… Il faut diffuser le plus possible autour de soi pour que ce genre de cruauté gratuite cesse , …en espérant que les coupables soient sévèrement punis.

  15. simili crudeltà non sono ammissibili in un paese che si reputi civilizzato. Bisogna fermare simili orrori che ci fanno vergognare di appartenere alla specie “UMANA”

  16. c scandaleux un acte pareil il faut faire quelque chose et punir ces gens surtout ne pas laisser passer une telle chose !!!!

  17. stop animal cruaute

  18. il faut a tout prix arreter ça c’est trop monstrueux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is animal cruaute ,STOP !!!!!!!!!

  20. la honte…..

  21. Il faut arrêter ces actes ignobles envers les animaux!
    Les chiens ne sont pas des cibles!
    Vos chasseurs sont de grands courageux à ce que je vois!
    Je répprime la chasse mais alors de cette manière je trouve ça barbare ,idiot, ……………
    Quand je pense que vous êtes un pays européen et bien ça laisse grandement à désirer!!!!!!!!

  22. Poor little thing! Punish anybody who hurts an animal on purpose. Esto es escandaloso, no puede ser tanta crueldad y falta de empatía. Debe imponerse la ley, si existe, si no existe, hay que crearla.

  23. When will people finally understand that this outrageously cruel behaviour is just not on? Utterly sad!

  24. This is sick. /This makes me hate humans. I hope they rot in hell!

  25. unbelievable,seems the advanced educated civilized nations aren’t as civil as they like to think .stupid as#hol%

  26. I have already left a message before but seeing these pictures again make me feel sick to think that humans are capable of such cruelty, who ever did this if you are reading this jump off a cliff as you are no good to society you heartless bastard.

    • I hope those hunters and animal haters are going to dye in the same way, I hope some of their fellows hunters will use them as the practice targets, I just can’t stand those kind of creatures (I will not call them humans because they don’t know what humanity is) and don’t understand how you can torture another living being and kill it…God, I never killed on purpose spider, I have them many in the corners and they never bite me so if U don’t hurt animal she won’t hurt you!!!

  27. I would love to string up the bastards who ill treat these animals. I cannot think of anything that is bad enough to serve on these rotten specimens that call themselves ‘men’, at most they are dirt. If they were lying in the gutter dying, I would simply walk past them without a second glance.

  28. scandalisee par la cruaute envers les animaux en serbie

  29. Something have to be done.. these peoples are to hurt innecents.. I’m so sorry for those poor dogs. I will do my part and try to get this stop.

  30. we need 2 help these poor dogs, who as the rite 2 do this 2 an innocent animal like this…….

  31. stop this cruel people doing like this.. we should do the same with them.. that they know how it feels …

  32. Samo da mi je na minut u sakama ovo djubre sto je probolo psa strelom mamu mu jebem u picku

  33. Svi ce oni u zatvor, samo je pitanje vremena .
    Svi ce u zatvor , i oni koji neposredno ubijaju i oni koji su im to omogucili nezakonitim podzakonskim aktima , od vrha do dna piramide vlasti u Srbiji , i oni koji ne postupaju po prijavama i ne sankcionisu krivicna dela koja se gone po sluzbenoj duznosti.
    Samo , to nece biti dovoljno. Svi ce morati i da vrate javni novac koji su pokrali postupajuci po nezakonitim podzakonskim aktima, nazalost zivote koje su pri tom oduzeli ,ove mrcine ne mogu vratiti , ali novac koji je godinama , a narocito od 2.11.2005. namenjen po zakonu : za zbrinjavanje, a oni su ga koristili za ubijanje : taj novac ce morati vratiti – trazicemo , ako bude trebalo sve do Evropskog suda : restitutio ad integruum – povrat javnog novca koji je bio namenjen zbrinjavanju napustenih pasa i macaka od svih koji su potpisivali nezakonite podzakonske akte i nistavne ugovore .Takodje trazimo da budu razoruzane pijane i polupijane grupe civila koje sebe zovu `lovci` i da drzava raspise javni tender za odrzivo koriscenje prirode , jer ga ne mogu voditi polupismeni coveculjci `lovci` koje je potrebno ukloniti iz nase prirode zajednosa divljim deponijama , jednom opseznom akcijom `Ocistimo prirodu Srbije `.Prirodu moraju cuvati zoolozi. biolozi. ornitolozi, strucnjaci koji na javnom tenderu ponude najbolji Program , a nikako ne vise `lovci` i `preparatori`.Vizitorski turizam je deo odrzivog koriscenja prirode , a ne krvavi lovni turizam koji je istrebio i pred istrebljenje doveo veliki broj zivotinjskih vrsta u Srbiji, u kojoj ne postoji cak ni Crvena lista , jer sta ce ona lovcima .Naoruzani polupismeni, polupijani civili odmah moraju biti razoruzani, a ne da im se daje mogucnost da sami sebi prave zakon i podzakonske akte .U Srbiji moraju da postoje BIODIVERZITETI, a ne LOVISTA ( sad je loviste cela teritorija Srbije osim gradova i autoputa,sramota ). To znaci zaista `ocistiti prirodu` , osloboditi prirodu stetocina : lovaca -polupismenih bolesnih coveculjaka s pucaljkama u rukama .

  34. Tuzni smo,.. znamo da su tuzni svi koji postuju i vole zivotinje. Nemozemo vise podnositi i gledati unakazena tela nasih prijatelja, padamo u depresiju poceli smo mrzeti svoj grad i svoju zemlju, nazalost. svih nas. Zivotinje nam zverski ubijaju , nas muce, unistavaju emocije, unistavaju nam zivot ..a mi nemocni !!!

  35. Teško da se išta normalno može reći kada se vide ovakve mučne slike. Potreba da nekog ustreliš iz obesti, govori samo o patologii osobe koja je to uradila a nažalost takvih je jako, jako puno. Ono što je najgore oni koji ovako nešto treba da sankcionišu nisu upšte za to “zainteresovani” (ne mešaju se u svoj posao), što ih stavlja u još gori položaj od onih koji su to učinili jer im na taj način šalju jasnu poruku da je to “normalno”. Ne znam šta više da kažem, ali nažalost postali smo jako zli i nehumani.

  36. show support to the poor innocent victim

  37. Disgraceful human should be arrested and jugged severly

  38. Protection to the animals ,
    please make an example to the author of this barbaric act

  39. Hope responsabilities are taken to protect others tfrom bad treatments from this spico_sociopath!

  40. the world is watching what responsabilities are taken _

  41. apply animal law abuse to DO an example !

  42. Ich bin erschüttert , was diesen armen Tieren angetan wird !
    Ich bitte um das sofortige Einstellen dieser Grausamkeiten !

  43. Podržavam svaku akciju protiv zločina i monstruoznih nedela kao što su ova.Za razliku od nekih ljudi, sve životinje imaju dušu…

  44. The Serbian govt. should see to it that the laws are strictly adhered to and those who violate these laws should be severely punished. Seeing such things the world will judge the Serbian people as a whole and think that all Serbians are illiterate, degenerate, ignorant, sadistic and bloodthirsty barbarians. Serbia must take responsibility and protect its animals (whether pets or strays or wildlife) and create a good and compassionate image for itself and its people. The govt. should act fast and immediately skin the bastards alive who commit such cruelties, which will be a lesson to other likeminded lowlifes and criminals not to screw with Serbia’s laws. Please take these things seriously and act now!

  45. Voilà ce que font les hommes ……ou plutot ces barbares!!!

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