A Comment About the ‘Comments’

Big thanks to everyone who has been sending in their comments about SAV articles / posts; they are appreciated and we hope that this comment section gives everyone a chance to contribute if they wish.

But the issues of the last week or so have caused a huge increase in the amount of comments arriving.  That is great and we love to see them, but due to the limitations of the system, we are only able to show a small section of comments; ie. those which are most recent.

It is now 1-30 pm Uk time and already this morning there have been 5 updates to the comments section of SAV, such is the amount arriving.

This is a line to say that if you send over a comment, it will be published, but your name and the issue link may only be shown on the site for a matter of a few hours maximum.

I hope it is welcomed that we are attempting to give anyone and everyone the chance to voice their feelings on the comments section – but quantity arriving dictates that a conveyor belt system is now in place  which means that comments may only be displayed for a few hours rather than days.

But please keep them arriving.

Note – if you click on ‘Comments RSS’ which is located on the left hand side of the site, just above our visitors world map, you will be able to view a selection of the most recent comments.

Thanks and regards

Mark – SAV.




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