Serbia: Loznica Again – Female Dog Saved From Being Buried Alive – Proof of the Killings Done by the City Shinters – Bodies Dumped Openly on the City Dump Adjacent to the Animal Pound

New pictures in from Loznica show the brutal killing of a dog which has been done by local shinters.

The pictures are from the local animal protection group – ‘Lunja’.

The first photo shows a little female dog which was wrapped up in a closed sack.  Shinters told the member of ‘Lunja’ animal welfare that the dog was dead and that is why she was in the sack.

But Rada from ‘Lunja’ managed to get the sack and open it, only to find a live little dog inside, as you can see.

It was clear to Rada that the shinters had wrapped the little dog in the sack and that they were intending to go and bury her alive.  This is  typical of the mindless thugs that are employed by the authorities and who are commonly known as shinters.

The other pictures below which are also sent by ‘Lunja’ are of a dog which was not so fortunate and was again killed in a terrible way by shinters.  One cannot imagine what a terrible death this dog must have had at the hands of the shinters.

Finally, this picture shows a male dog who died at the Loznica city pound.  Inspection has shown that there was no veterinary care undertaken on the animal before it died.

The picture shows that the animal has been thrown onto the city dump which is adjacent to the city pound.  We have exposed conditions at the dump in our articles before – 

This is Loznica city pound and this is the work of Loznica city shinters !

Past links relating to Loznica city animal abuses:

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