Sweden: Congratulations to Carl Schlyter (MEP) – New President of the European Parliament Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.








SAV would like to send congratulations to Swedish Carl Schlyter (MEP) on his election as the new President of the European Parliament Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.

Carl Schlyter Profile Link:


Animals Intergroup linkhttp://www.animalwelfareintergroup.eu/ 

We also offer our thanks and very best wishes to Dr. Caroline Lucas, former President of the European Parliament Intergroup and Uk Green Party MEP / Green Party leader, who has now progressed to being the very first elected Green Party politician in the Uk Parliament.  Caroline has always been so very active in her work and support for promoting good and better animal welfare issues in Europe.  We know that she will continue this within the Uk by being a real voice for animal welfare in the Uk parliament.

Dr. Caroline Lucas link: http://www.bing.com/reference/semhtml/?title=Caroline_Lucas&src=abop&qpvt=caroline+lucas&fwd=1&q=caroline+lucas

Goodbye and thanks to Caroline, and hello and welcome to Carl.

We know that Carl will be an excellent advocate for animal welfare issues both within and outside of the EU, and we at SAV very much look forward to providing him with regular updates on the situation for animals in Balkans states.  We hope that through this new cooperation, Carl will become even more aware of the terrible suffering illegally inflicted on animals (in Serbia) by the municipal authorities and the shinter community.

We also send our congratulations to Jacqueline Foster who has been elected as British vice-president of the Eurogroup.

Link:  http://www.jacquelinefostermep.com/    

Jacqueline has been a strong supporter of animal welfare and has been an active member of the Intergroup since becoming an MEP.

Jacqueline is Vice President of the Parliamentary Intergroup on Animal Welfare and is pictured here (on the left) with the Campaign to stop Puppy Farming. 



Carl Schlyter MEP acclaimed as new Intergroup President 

21 May 2010

During its 261st session the Intergroup elected by acclamation Carl Schyter MEP as its new President and he takes over the role with immediate effect.

His predecessor, Caroline Lucas, resigned following her election to the UK Parliament as the country’s first green party MP, after leading the Intergroup since the start of the current parliamentary session.

“It is a great privilege to follow in the footsteps of Caroline and carry on the work she has so confidently promoted. I am extremely pleased to be able to take the leadership of one of the most active groups within the Parliament and look forward to working with my fellow MEPs to develop the Intergroup further,” said Mr Schlyter following his adoption.

“I hope that during my tenure as president we can work together to raise the issues surrounding the welfare and conservation of animals further. It is vital that we ensure that any future legislation presented by the Commission reflects the desires of Europe’s citizens and protects and defends the interests of all animals,”  he concluded.

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