Serbia: The Not So Public Subotica City ‘Public Competition’ For Animal Welfare – Update 31/08/10. Public Information Witheld From the Public to the Benefit of Organisations Who Currently Operate the City Stray Control Programs.





Subotica City ‘Public Competition’ Update – 31/08/10.

The corrupt and unlawful way of operating by the Subotica authorities has presented itself to us once again.

Regarding the ‘public competition’ which was going to be made open to all public organisations to tender for – in this particular case a competition for the operation (management) of animal shelters in the city (Subotica); it now appears that specific city authority personnel, possibly with a certain degree of self interest, have changed the system in relation to this ‘public tender’, so that only one organisation has been able to bid; and strangely, it is the very one that they could be directly associated with.

On 30/08/10, welfare campaigners in Subotica who wished to review the competition with a view to presenting a bid for the city animal management and control, were supplied with an e mail informing them of where the competition information was posted. 

This is always done on the Public competition link at  under the sub heading of  ‘Javne  nabavke’.  Even the most basic and simple public tenders are always published here.

This time the information relating to the animal shelter tender was NOT published on this site.  It appears to have been kept much more private; and one has to question the term ‘public’ when the information to tender is NOT made available to the public to be able to do same.

It would seem that Mrs Dulic Suzana, who is part of the city authority Communal Department, along with her manager, Mrs Matilda Seker, and her husband Vlada Dulic, who has major relations with the authorities of the public firm JKP Cistoca i zelenilo, Subotica; have not informed any of the public about this important tender for animal welfare through the usual routes on the city web site.

Instead, we know that ONLY JKP Cistoca i zelenilo, Subotica were informed about the bid tender process; they were the only applicant provided with the information necessary to submit a bid into this alleged ‘public’ competition.  Even as the only applicant of the information, we are now informed that JKP Cistoca has still not been able to put a full tender response together about shelter management.

Because of this, we have to ask if anyone in authority in Subotica really had any full depth knowledge about what exactly was required by a public organisation to run an animal shelter correctly.  As the knowledge was not made available through the normal public competition route; defining what the requirements would be of any competing public organisations, it can only be stated that this system once again shows that the authorities of Subotica city have not got a clue as to what is required and the standards necessary to operate an animal shelter correctly.

So instead, city authorities and personnel have corrupted the system to ensure that the basic tender / bid information is kept well away from the public, and instead the opportunity is provided only and once again for operators of the current system to continue operating as they always have done; ie. with very little regard for animals and their welfare, and very especially little regard for Serbian national legislation relating to animal welfare.

And so, on the 30/08, animal welfare organisations have been informed too late of this ‘public’ competition by the Subotica authorities, even though as a daily process throughout many weeks in advance of 30/08, animal welfare organisations have questioned Mrs Matilda Seker and Mrs Usumovic Davkik Marija as to when and where this public competition information will be published.  No responses were ever given to the questions asked.   As we are now fully aware, only one organisation (JKP Cistoca) appears to have been informed about the tender requirements; informed by whatever route was taken by the city authorities to ensure that only they (JKP Cistoca) knew about it.

The city authorities allegedly have fixed the bidding / tender system so that they can continue to use the companies which they have always used to undertake shelter and stray animal control.  There is no change in the corrupt system and the ‘public’ animal welfare organisations who really wished to become involved in the tender, to the benefit of animals and the city animal welfare policy have been kept well and truly out on the sidelines of this competition.  Sidelined enough to have not even been told that the tender information was published – but then why would they be told ? – the public tender information was only published through non-public routes !

This is unlawful and so this is why further action now has to be taken against the authorities of Subotica.  Your help is needed.

We ask, on behalf of Serbian animal welfare campaigners who originally wished to prepare a bid in this ‘public competition’, that non Serbian citizens contact their Serbian ambassadors directly and acting on (your) behalf, they (the ambassadors) subsequently write to the authorities of Subotica city to ask why the issue of ‘public competition’ for stray animal management in the city was kept secret from the public – the very people who should be able to tender for this animal shelter management position.

You can provide a copy of this post link directly to your ambassador, as we hope that the post contains enough information to brief the (your) ambassador and will allow them to follow up your request.

For any overseas (non Serbian) citizen, please use the following links to obtain your own embassy contacts in Serbia.

International embassies located within Serbia can be found at:

For the moment; Subotica City Authorities Endure that the ‘Public’ are kept very much away from information associated with ‘Public Competitions’ – Especially where animal welfare is concerned.

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