Bali: The Government of Bali Realise That Vaccination of Dogs, NOT Poisoning, is the Only Humane, Effective Way to PREVENT Rabies




In early 2010, Made Sudini, a grandmother from Gianyar in Bali, Indonesia, was heading to work when she saw a government team arrive in her village and begin to poison dogs on the streets.

Made was traumatized by what she saw, but was relieved that at least her four dogs were safe at home. She watched as dogs injected by poisoned darts yelped in pain and tried to run for cover. As they ran, their leg muscles froze and their paces slowed until they fell over, writhing in agony before eventually suffocating to death.

What Made didn’t know at the time was that one of her dogs – a puppy called Johnny – had somehow managed to slip out of the house. Made arrived home to find Johnny’s limp body, still warm, lying in the front of her house. Made’s neighbor later told her how Jenny, one of Made’s other dogs, had flung herself at the garden gate, barking and turning in circles as she watched Johnny die. Jenny was his mother.

More than 100,000 dogs like Johnny have already lost their lives on Bali, poisoned with strychnine in a misguided and inhumane attempt to stop the spread of rabies.
WSPA is determined that no more dogs will be horrifically poisoned, but we need your help.

Earlier this year, WSPA stepped in to convince the government of Bali that vaccination is the only humane, effective way to prevent rabies. Through a trial project in one region of Bali, we successfully vaccinated 40,000 dogs and reduced the spread of rabies in the region.

Now, the Balinese government has agreed to stop killing dogs and work with WSPA and our local partner, the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) to implement an island-wide vaccination programthis means we need to vaccinate 350,000 dogs against rabies (approximately three quarters of all dogs in Bali) within the next six months. 

This is a big task, but failure is not an option. If we fail to vaccinate these dogs the Balinese government could revert to poisoning and more dogs like Johnny will die painful, prolonged deaths.

Silia Smith
Interim Executive Director

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