Serbia: **URGENT: SAVE 700 Stray Dogs in Subotica City** – Video Footage Of Events from 21/12 Blocked in Last 24 hours – But We Have Another Link to Other Footage and Sample Letters to Copy and E Mail – Please Act – Urgent !

It would appear that within the last 24 hours, the video footage of the events of 21/12 have been removed from their source – we do not know who sanctioned this but we suspect that it was undertaken at the request of the authorities.

But we are pleased to inform that we can provide our visitors with another video link associated with events of the day.  The video link is directly below; Note there is a 25 second advertisement delay before the video footage starts.

Note that this is not the same footage as detailed on the other post, but is worth a look ! 

VERY IMPORTANT – NONE of the people or vehicles shown in this video are associated with animal welfare.  They ALL wish to let the dogs at EPAR shelter out onto the streets so that they can be rounded up by the shinters (shown at start of video), put into vans (also shown) and then be taken back to the city pound to be killed.  The woman who is figting the police is behind the policy to trun the dogs out onto the streets and then be killed. She IS NOT associated with animal welfare; very much the opposite !

We cannot fail to stress how important it is that mails are sent to all of the following addresses in relation to the situation in Subotica.  Please send a mail in the near future if you are able; even if it just a few words.

Many times welfare campaigners have asked that Serbian animal welfare legislation be adhered to.  The legislation that since 2005 has forbidden the killing of stray animals.  Campaigners requests have always been ignored; instead the authorities devise many different ways to continue with their antiquated policy of killing stray animals.

We consider that this kind of act is a violation of human (animal welfare campaigner) rights in addition to a violation of animal rights under existing Serbian legislation.

Please send e mails of the Sample letters below, or your own personal letter to the following addresses;;;;;;;;;


** SAMPLE LETTERS BELOW ** – English, Italian and French versions:

Dear Sirs 

It is with great bitterness and rebellion that constantly we hear of crimes committed on dogs and cats in Serbia. Animals that humans have yet domesticated for their welfare, because dogs and cats bring much to the isolated elderly, children and adults that we are, yes, these dogs and the cats yet so close to humans, are useful in our daily lives. The reasons for their use are numerous, but the Serbs massacred these animals without regret, without soul, without remorse, with unprecedented violence. The Serbs have no respect for life! 

Serbia wants to join the European Union. We will not accept it! Serbia violates human rights by not respecting those who love and protect animals. This is our Duty! Animals have rights! There is the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, but Serbia does not comply!

We ask you, politely but firmly, to put an immediate end to all atrocities committed in your country about these helpless, establishing laws to protect animals, by upholding and promoting sterilization.

Serbia lives in withdrawal of most civilized countries. The Serbia can not earn our contempt as the cruelties will not be abolished!

We ask you, of course, be listening to your fellow citizens who wish, with small means, help animals. These good people are upgrading the negative image that we have all of Serbia.





Egregi Signori

E ‘con grande amarezza e ribellione che costantemente si parla di reati commessi su cani e gatti in Serbia. Gli animali che gli esseri umani hanno ancora addomesticati per il loro benessere, perché cani e gatti portano molto al isolato anziani, bambini e adulti che siamo, sì, questi cani e gatti eppure così vicini agli esseri umani, sono utili nella nostra vita quotidiana. Le ragioni per il loro utilizzo sono numerosi, ma i serbi massacrati questi animali senza rimpianti, senza anima, senza rimorsi, con una violenza senza precedenti. I serbi non hanno alcun rispetto per la vita!

La Serbia vuole entrare nell’Unione europea. Noi non lo accettiamo! Serbia viola i diritti umani non rispettando coloro che amano e proteggono gli animali. Questo è il nostro dovere! Gli animali hanno diritti! Vi è la Dichiarazione universale dei diritti degli animali, ma la Serbia non è conforme!

Vi chiediamo, cortesemente ma con fermezza, di porre immediatamente fine a tutte le atrocità commesse nel suo paese su questi indifesi, che stabilisce le leggi che proteggono gli animali, da sostenere e promuovere la sterilizzazione.

Serbia vive nel ritiro della maggior parte dei paesi civili. La Serbia non può guadagnare il nostro disprezzo come la crudeltà non sarà abolita!

Vi chiediamo, ovviamente, essere in ascolto ai vostri concittadini che desiderano, con piccoli mezzi, animali di aiuto. Queste brave persone si aggiorna l’immagine negativa che tutti noi abbiamo della Serbia.



Madame, Monsieur,

C’est avec beaucoup d’amertume et de révolte que, sans cesse, nous apprenons les crimes commis sur les chiens et les chats en Serbie. Des animaux que les hommes ont pourtant domestiqués pour leur bien-être, car les chiens et les chats apportent beaucoup aux vieillards isolés, aux enfants et aux adultes que nous sommes ; oui, ces chiens et ces chats pourtant si proches des humains, sont utiles dans notre vie au quotidien . Les raisons de leur utilité sont nombreuses, mais les Serbes massacrent ces animaux sans regret, sans âme, sans remord, avec une violence inouïe. Les Serbes n’ont aucun respect de la Vie !

La Serbie veut entrer dans l’Union Européenne. Nous ne l’accepterons pas ! La Serbie viole les droits humains en ne respectant  pas ceux qui aiment et protègent les animaux. Ceci est notre Devoir ! Les animaux ont des Droits ! Il existe la Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Animal, mais la Serbie ne la respecte pas !

Nous vous demandons, poliment mais fermement, de mettre un terme immédiat à toutes les atrocités commises dans votre pays sur ces êtres sans défense, en instaurant des lois de protection des animaux, en les faisant respecter et en encourageant les stérilisations.  

La Serbie vit en retrait de la plupart des pays civilisés. Le Serbie ne peut mériter que notre mépris tant que ces cruautés ne seront pas abolies !

Nous vous demandons, bien entendu, d’être à l’écoute de vos concitoyens qui désirent, avec de petits moyens, aider les animaux. Ces personnes de bonne volonté tentent de revaloriser l’image négative que nous avons tous de la Serbie. 


Uk (England): Maria and Paul Release Their Christmas Gift To Animal People Everywhere – ‘Unite !’ – See below for further details and download.

We are very proud here at SAV to be able to inform all our animal friends around the world that our friends Maria Daines and husband Paul Killington have written and recorded another fabulous song for animals everywhere.

Maria is a Uk based international singer/songwriter for the animals and raises financial support for animal welfare issues at all of her live gigs.

Maria and Paul’s new song for the animals is called ‘Unite’, and we are especially proud to hear that Serbia is the very first nation which is mentioned at the start of the song.  Both Maria and Paul are fully aware of the situation for all stray animals in Serbia and other Balkans states, and we hope that in the near future Maria and Paul may possibly be doing a special song dedicated to the animals of Serbia.

Maria has left this following special Christmas message for everyone involved with animal welfare campaigning right across the world:


Dear all,

We’d like to wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and here is our gift to you in song, free download on the link below


The auction for Turkish stray dogs made an amazing £125.50 for Avril and friends who are paying for the dogs to receive veterinary care and food and they are actively working on rehoming as many as they can to safe rescue and forever homes.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with us and we’ll gladly pass your message on.

We have a special offer on our CD’s running until the end of January 2011 and exclusively from our website only. Treebone, Wisdom’s Tooth, Music United For Animals and Shelter Me will all be ‘buy one get one free’ and you can mix and match if you wish.

Have a great time with your families and friends and catch up with you all again after the holidays.

Keep on rockin!!

Best wishes

Maria & Paul xx


Maria and Paul can be mailed at  should you wish to help regarding the above, or to send a special message of thanks to them for producing such a fantastic song for the worlds animals this Christmas.

Finally, as the title of the song says, campaigners and animal friends will continue to Unite across the world until we can work together to achieve greater peace, respect and fairness for all animals, no matter where they are.

We will never stop working in defence of suffering and abused animals.

So UNITE !’ for animals everywhere.

Thank You Maria and Paul for your tireless work and excellent music defending animals – SAV.


The words to ‘Unite!’ are as follows:

Serbia, France, United Kingdom, America, Bolivia, Scandinavia, Greece, Spain, Germany, Africa, Ireland, Romania, Egypt, Australia, Turkey, India, Ethiopia, China, the world…

Everyday I see, things that should not be
Each country has a shame, a place of cruelty
We could all do better, if only we would try
They feel pain, they suffer, just like you and I…

Unite! Unite! to save your animals from pain
Unite! Unite! to stop the suffering in vain
Unite! Unite! to liberate and truly be humane

Everyone should know they are our friends not foe
Everyone can hold compassion in their soul
When we are all as one, good things will get done
We are all together, each creature under the sun

Unite! Unite! to save your animals from pain
Unite! Unite! to stop the suffering in vain
Unite! Unite! to liberate and truly be humane

Every heart beats strong, just to stay alive
Why shouldn’t they belong and live a peaceful life?
Born to show us wonder, to show us how to care
In freedom we are stronger, to love, to save, to share…

Unite! Unite! to save your animals from pain
Unite! Unite! to stop the suffering in vain
Unite! Unite! to liberate and truly be humane
Unite! Unite! to save your animals from pain
Unite! Unite! to stop the suffering in vain
Unite! Unite! to liberate and truly be humane

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

Serbia: Subotica 21/12/2010 – View the Full Days Events Via the Photo Collection – Link Below.



View the full photo set of todays events at:


Serbia: 21/12/10 – Subotica City officials Try to Take 700 Stray Dogs at EPAR Shelter to Kill Them – Please Watch Video Below of Todays Events.

Please help !

For stop  the killing animals  we must kill ourselvez . Democracy – no way  .Implementation  laws – no way , this is Subotica, Serbia . 

Dulic Suzana, Matilda Seker- on behalf of Suboticas  city authorities , Grgo Tikvicki vet-killer , Vlado Dragin  director of  public garbage firm JKP`Cistoca i zelenilo`  in  Subotica  and corumped  persons in top of  authorities of Serbia ARE responsible for mass killings dogs and cats still many years  , and now they want help 700 dogs  at our shelter by KILL THEM .

That would be  extra great job for animal mafia – they even must not catch  dogs , dogs  at our shelter trust  to humans .–zbog–700-ugrozenih-pasa

Many times we have ask that authorities respect law demands – nothing .  They  want just kill,kill, kill ..

By doing these crimes toward animals, at the same time authorities of Serbia violate human rights of people who respect : animals, laws and Constitution of Republic of Serbia, and by this way authorities of Serbia waste taxpayer money – our money, for doing `good job` to veterinary mafia.

Basis of all of these  unlawful crimes is corruption.  

Please, help us to stop corruption in Serbia. Please push our brutal corumped authorities, it is necessary Serbian good new laws  be implementated,  instead they are ignored still more then 5 years. Inspections don`t act, public attorneys don`t act , nobody act although there are laws which demand actions , although we have bring  charges  against  all these crimes , but nobody care.

It is by Serbian new laws forbidden killing health dogs and cats whether mercy or brutal, it is forbidden killing them even mercy under false name `euthanasia` and special  it is forbidden killing our dear friends by  all these brutal ways – some of  these ways You can see below on links  – but authorities don`t care, although these crimes are punishabled by  law: up to 3 years jail – nobody is punished  for now.

Please help our animals and help us, our human rights are deep violated, we think and feel we are not  humans but slaves, we suffer  very hard because all these killings in front of our eyes, day by day, every day, years by years, all over Serbia  our dear friends be killed  and tortured and we cannot defense them like we are not humans but nonsense garbage, like we are slaves , we can only cry, we are just slaves, we are not humans but slaves of brutal corumped authorities of Serbia – they even pay all these mass killings  with our money  because we are taxpayers  and mass killings are payed  with taxpayer money.

Help us, we are slaves but want be normal people  like you are, and want our friends: animals be respected , and our taxpayer money be respected and not used  for finance these unlawful  killings and tortures, that is our human right  demanded by serbian Constitution, but authorities don`t care. We want our human rights and our friends be respected, now we are  slaves together with our friends: animals, and by some way authorities kill us too, because our life is not real  life  but  horrible nightmare, everywhere are blood and cries of our friends. We don`t want life like this. If there is not other way, then we don`t want further be alive in this horror, we are ashamed because we stay in life, because we stay alive and our friends be killed, we feel  just big pain and big shame, we are not humans and have not any other feelings but just pain and shame . Help us, please, we want be humans like you . 

Please send protest letters to Subotica`s and Serbian  authorities and media  , we must save  700 dogs  and all stray dogs and cats now  in Subotica, because  their killing is unlawful business of animal mafia .;;;;;;;;


Thank you.





Serbia: Zajecar City – Stray Dog Capture Using the False Declaration of ‘Rabies’.


Below is an un-edited text which has very recently been provided to us.

We are currently working to obtain contact details for all organisations and persons detailed.  These will be posted onto this site as soon as further information is obtained in order that further action can be taken.

Some of our past posts relating to the invention of ‘rabies outbreaks’ to justify the mass killing of stray animals:



Good day. I want to appeal a huge animal abuse in east Serbia town named Zajecar.

It all began in early March, two days after “rabies” alarm was raised – of course, false alarm. Stray dogs, and even dogs with owners (example: Ogi, poodle, who was repeatedly smashed onto the concrete, until he died) were being caught!
Dogs were being hunted down all over the town and the surrounding area. They were caught with snatchers made of thin wire which cut into their throats choking them; they were then pulled to the truck and stuck to the ground upon which the second dogcatcher would grab the dog’s throat with big pliers, lift and throw the dog onto the truck. The trucks are modified i.e. the back part is removed, and something like a cage is welded onto it.

Mass captures and killings were authorized by the Veterinary unit JKP and AZRA PRODANOVIĆ – Chief Veterinary Inspector of the Republic of Serbia. (JKP – Javno Komunalno Preduzece – Municipal Utility Company)
We have written to KURIR, BLIC, NOVOSTI, to no avail. We have also contacted animal protection associations EPAR and ORCA, who did respond and, as they said, sent letters to JKP. RADIO TELEVIZIJA ZAJEČAR – a local TV station – reported on the action.
The authorization was valid until 10th June 2010, meaning they “needed” 3 months after the false rabies alarm was raised, giving them plenty of time to catch and kill dogs!!!
The dogs were held in JKP Kraljevica in cages for a length of 2 to 3 days after which they were killed. Some dogs were killed the same day they were caught due to lack of space. Another reason for killing them immediately was, according to our information, because the photographs of dogs, one on top of the other, held in cages, were published!!!!

EPAR organization sued JPK at the very beginning of the action but nothing happened. ORCA organization wrote to them but nothing happened!!!!
JKP KRALJEVICA is where the dogs were held and killed. Dead bodies were taken to the dump HALOVO in close proximity to Zajecar, where they were buried. We have also received information that some dogs were buried alive – that was a rumor spreading through the town. The reason for this was, as we were told, that in order to put a dog down the drug T61 has to be administered one gram of the drug per kilo weight, and the dogs were not given the proper dose of the drug, meaning they were still alive when buried on Halovo!!!!!!!
The most important and at the same time the saddest fact is that on 17th March 2010, the Director of JKP Kraljevica hung a sign on the gate, as ordered by the Republic Veterinary Inspector Azra Prodanovic, forbidding VISITING, FEEDING, TAKING PHOTOS AND RE-HOMING of the dogs!!!!
People came a few times to try to re-home a dog, to feed them, and they WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DO SO!!!!! When they asked WHY?, they were told “the boss said so”!!!
They were told to come on Monday 22nd March 2010. The citizens came and found COMPLETELY EMPTY CAGES, all the dogs to be seen on the photographs below, about a hundred of them, were gone, disappeared mysteriously in the night between 20th and 21st of March 2010!!!

They caught and killed over 800 dogs starting from march to june.  Declaration of rabies is ended around 15th June.

And all over started again on 19th October, again they declared rabies in Zajecar, and started to haunt and kill all stray dogs. They haunt them every day, and kill them every day, because Zajecar doesn`t have dog shelter. Today they caught them, today they kill them all.

Our dog catching service who works for PUC Kraljevica, does not have licence to catch stray dogs in normal conditions, because EPAR from Subotica in past times sue them. And they came to an idea, declare rabies, haunt and kill all stray dogs in Zajecar, until next false rabies declaration.

Director of puc Kraljevica is Miloš Jotović, and two dog catchers who does this horrible things are Nebojša Vladulović, and Saško who is on video choking a dog. We cannot find his full name and sur name, its well hidden. This is address of puc kraljevica bellow.





Switchboard: (019) 421-747
Director: (019) 421-222
Secretary: (019) 421-917
Accounting: (019) 422-872
Fax: (019) 425-234

Goran Bračun from Zaječar filmed this dog animal abuse in park full of children, and his is the witness of choking. He tryed to save the dog from dog catchers, but he was pushed away by them, and he started to film for evidence. Police who came later said that Goran is the one who is making problems, not dog catchers, he wanted to show to police the dog, video, police just said to him that its not in their jurisdiction, and told him to address to society for the protection of animals. Goran was on television PINK and B92 news, in ALO and KURIR newspapers, and no one paid attention.

We have sent you original video of choking dog on 30.10.2010 and another video who is combining all pictures of abused dogs and choking dogs.

So can you please help us, this is again happening every day in Zajecar, and must be stopped.
Thank you.

Still Snowing Bad in England ! …………

…………  But I like it !!

Serbia: Please Take Action for Serbian Strays – Letter, E mail Addresses and Video Links to Copy ALL DETAILED Below.

Please take action by copying the sample letter given further in the post and sending to the e mail addresses given.  Also copy and include the video links given at the end of your mail;

Thank you.


Srbija nije otvorila srce –  ni prema zivotinjama ni prema ljudima ,jer krsi ljudska prava  neprimenjivanjem zakona u oblasti koja se tice  prava zivotinja i prava ljudi ;

Srbija krsi ljudska prava gazeci sopstvene zakone i Ustav.

Jos niko nije u zatvoru zbog masovnog ubijanja  kucnih ljubimaca koje je zakonom zabranjeno 2.11.2005. i zatvorom kaznjivo od 1.1.2006.  – naprotiv  Srbija takvima daje milione dinara novca poreskih obveznika, oni napreduju u karijeri, vladaju umesto da sede u zatvorima ;

u Srbiji  lovci obavljaju monitoring vrsta i prave liste za odstrele i liste zasticenih , streljanjem cuvaju prirodu.

Jos niko nije u zatvoru zbog krvolocnih  zabranjenih borbi  divljih zarobljenih zivotinja na kojima `treniraju`  svoje pse , izmisljajuci nazive: `utakmice`  `ispitivanje urodjenih osobina` , uz ucesce Kinoloskog Savez i Lovackog Saveza .

 Shintersko-lovacko-veterinarska mafija ,  `cuva` prirodu , `cuva` zivotinje, `cuva` ljudska prava  .

Nije li  sve ovo sramotno, g. Predsednice Srbije ? Uostalom  Vi verovatno ovo necete ni citati , mada se radi o LJUDSKIM PRAVIMA .

Serbia has no mercy toward stray dogs and cats  but  only has `mercy` toward irresponsible owners , shinters, hunters , who make NEVER ENDING  BUSINESS TO ANIMAL MAFIA .

Serbian authorities kill stray dogs and cats all over Serbia – that costs many millions of dinars of taxpayers money, every year again, news about Serbia`s mercy toward  animals is fraud .

Authorities do nothing to implement control of the pyramid of reproduction and authorities  do nothing in the matter of preventing unwanted births and in the matter of responsible animal ownership – although that is their legal obligation .

Corrupt authorities of Serbia time to time just have order frauds about their own mercy – and journalists write .There is not free journalisms here.

The killing stray of dogs and cats in Serbia is forbidden by law -2005. , that is not question of mercy,  but  it is question of implementation of existing laws.

Serbia does not implement its own laws .

Serbian authorities  kill stray dogs and cats  and  by that way  Serbia also violate human rights  by violation of the Serbian laws of the Constitution and by only giving support to the animal mafia .

Nobody cares about unlawful bloody animal fighting under the name of `training`, `hunters` and `kinologyst` do whatever they want– Shame on them all .



All sentient beings have an equal right to live.

Subject: Letter to President Boris Tadic

Google Translation of the letter :

Dear President, Boris Tadic,

Once you said “We are facing a great job and challenges, but our society and children have no more time to wait. If we start now, tomorrow will be too late.”
If something does not make for abandoned animals, they will be too late tomorrow. Those who abuse them did not see living beings.

We want to street dogs and cats give a person, so we invite you to help us do this. Do you, as a leader and role model of our society and as someone who advocated the Milin case, his statement supporting the initiative to respect the law and that the abandoned animals are managed and treated in a humane manner.

A large number of people have pets and would enthusiastically accept your positive feedback.

So Europe and the world send a completely different image of us.



**ACTION **  **ACTION **

Please copy and send the letter below to the following addresses:

Postovani Predsednice, Borise Tadicu,
Jednom prilikom ste izjavili “Čeka nas veliki posao i izazovi, ali naše društvo i deca nemaju više vremena za čekanje. Ako ne počnemo odmah, sutra će već biti kasno.”
Ukoliko nešto ne učinimo i za napuštene životinje, za njih će sutra biti kasno. Oni koji ih zlostavljaju u njima ne vide živa bića. Mi želimo da uličnim psima i mačkama damo lice i zato Vas pozivamo da nam u tome pomognete.

Da Vi, kao lider i uzor našeg drustva i kao neko ko se založio za Milin slučaj, svojom izjavom podržite inicijativu da se poštuje Zakon i da se napuštene životinje zbrinjavaju i tretiraju na humaniji način. Veliki broj gradjana ima kućne ljubimce i sa oduševljenjem bi prihvatili Vaš pozitivan komentar.

Tako bi Evropi i Svetu poslali sasvim drugačiju sliku o nama.
S poštovanjem
**Important; ADD Your Name and Nationality to the end of this letter


Also copy and include the following video links in your mail:


Reference Information ONLY – NOT FOR COPY

Contact details given above are for:

Andrićev venac 1, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 304-3068

Masarikova 5/VI, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 361-8888, fax 362-0676

for the media:

Andrićev venac 1, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 323-4570, 3229-290, fax 3030-868

for official contacts:

Andrićev venac 1, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 3632-007, 3632-136