Romania; Protest Mails Please Regarding the Stray Dogs Bill – Deadline: End 20/02/11

From: Carmen Arsene <>
Date: 2011/2/16
Subject: voting the stray dogs bill was postponed for next Tuesday

Dear all,

the legislative project PL 912 for managing the stray dogs was not debated yesterday but it was postponed for the next Tuesday (22nd).

I remind you the intentions of the deputies (from Committee of public administration) for dog management: mass incarceration in extermination camps and euthanasia of old, ill, aggressive dogs (considering the continuously abuses against animals from Romania this mean all dogs).

I also remind you hundreds of thounsands of dogs have been killed in Romania by illegal methods and with no effect in reducing the stray dog population.

Please, keep pressure on the deputies by sending protest letters (could be SHORT) mentioning about the beneficity of Sterilization & Return and the bad image of Romania outside because of animal cruelties:

Fax no: 00 40 21 3134931 (the number I sent initially, 00 40 21 3146934 does not work for the moment) in attention to Mrs.Sulfina Barbu, president and to the Deputies

emails to the members of Committee:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank  you very much for your permanentely help.


Carmen Arsene





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