Romania Rescue Update: New Pictures of Dogs Safe in Austria and Hungary Before They Are Found Forever Homes.


In relation to the dogs which were originally left in a deserted house in Ploesti, Romania; and attempts by all to get them rescued and safe.  Picture below shows their original living conditions; see more photos in the first link given below.

Our original post:

Then an update when they were rescued and on their way to the border:

Well we now have some great photos of the dogs since they have arrived safe and sound in Austria and Hungary.

Chrissy (Romania Animal Aid – London) who was involved with the rescues has sent the pictures and the following message:

Hi guys,

Here are some pix of the 20 adult dogs and 13 pups that we rescued from the deserted house in Ploiesti arriving in Hungary and Austria.

They are all doing really well, even the timid ones are now coming round. 

They will each be put of for adoption via ACA once they have had full health checks and a bit more socialisation etc.

Happy Sunday!

A great result so far, but the closing chapter will be when all the animals are homed safely with people around Europe.  Can you help here ?

If you can then please e mail Chrissy at  giving details of what you are able to do to help.

Further updates will follow when we move into the final stages of what is a great rescue story.


2 Pictures Below – Rescued dogs in Hungary:


8 Pictures Below – Rescued dogs in Austria:


Only the New Homes to Find Now Once Health Checks

and Socialisation Are Completed.




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