Serbia / Uk: New Forever Home Required for Disabled Dog ‘Farah’ and Also Her Puppy. Can You Help ? – Please Read on For More Farah Info and Contact Details In the Uk.


We have today (14/03/11) received the following from Kerry at ‘Disabled Dog Rescue’  in the Uk.

It relates to Farah, a disabled dog in Serbia; and also her surviving puppy – both are in desperate need of a new home.

We only have two pictures of Farah; here they are:

‘Farah’ – Desperate for a new forever home – also her puppy (no photo).

Can you help, or do you know anyone who can ?

If you can help, please contact Kerry direct by e mail at:

Thanks – SAV.


The message sent to us is as follows:

Hi!…. not sure if you have seen this appeal before but it is for a young paralysed dog in Serbia called Farah.. she was taken into foster from a shelter once it was discovered she was actually pregnant! she deliverd 2 pups, one of whom survived and is now 45 days old.

Farah is not doing so great tho and desperately needs a home.

This is the latest email I have recieved from Boban…..
Hi Kerry,can you please put information about Farah on your facebook page. Her puppy is almost 45 days old, and soon we will be looking for new home for him. Silke could not take Farah and puppy when she planed and Farah is still at my friend home. My friend was out of town for a weekend and I went to feed her. She is not in a good condition, but at least it is better then shelter. She lost weight, muscles on back legs atrophied, and wheelchair we found for her is much to big now.

So, please post information about her again, I know that chances to find her a home are slim, but I am very afraid for her future if something don’t come up.
Thank you


If you can crosspost this article to all your EUROPEAN animal contacts, then please do.

Kerry can be contacted directly by e mail at:

Please do not contact SAV; it is Kerry who is the vital contact in this case.







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