Romania: Bucharest Now Stockpiles Over 77 Lires of Euthanyl – Enough to Kill 38,625 Street Dogs.

According to Bucharest newspaper Ring, the administration for dog management (ASPA) in Bucharest has stocked the substance Euthanyl, used for euthanasia, and the quantity available now is enough for killing more than 38600 dogs.

ASPA has in stock 309 units of Euthanyl, equivalent to 77250 ml (more than 77 litres!). With 2 ml an average sized dog can be euthanized, so this stock is enough for killing 38,625 dogs in Bucharest.

The prefect of Bucharest, Mihai Atanasoaie initiated the law that allows the euthanasia of street dogs, project rejected by the deputies.

The liberal-democrat (PDL) councillors of Bucharest General Council significantly reduced the budget for ASPA, making impossible the project of building a 20000 dogs shelter at Fundulea. The budget for street dogs has been reduced by 70%, from 17.2 million to 4.2 million lei.


The European Parliament recommended that such a law (mass killing of dogs) is not in line with the European legislation.

The Romanian government (PDL) is working now on a gov’t ordinance to rule the euthanasia within 7 days.

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