India: ‘Sweety’ is Missing – We Need to Get Her Back

My dog ‘Sweety’ has gone missing !! 

These are her photos.
She was lost near Dadar that is Shivaji park….
She was lost 2 days ago. plz help me
Ashwin acharya






Serbia: Bank Information for Anyone Wishing to Donate to Shelter Recently Destroyed by Fire – and Owner Killed – Mrs. Etela Merk

If anyone wishes to donate money to help the dogs and cats which were at the shelter of Etela Merk who was killed in a fire recently, then please use the following attachments for full information.

Money can be officially paid into a bank account which has been set up for this purpose.

SAV past link to shelter fire:

There are 2 attachments:

1. attached document  link named ‘IMG’ directly below  the number of the bank account  for sending financial help in dinars (Serbian currency).


Broj Raduna:   205-0000000163074-37 
 2. See Below  = the number of  the bank account (IBAN) and everything which is necessary for making donations in Euros. 

Thank you – SAV.

Serbia / Uk: New Forever Home Required for Disabled Dog ‘Farah’ and Also Her Puppy. Can You Help ? – Please Read on For More Farah Info and Contact Details In the Uk.


We have today (14/03/11) received the following from Kerry at ‘Disabled Dog Rescue’  in the Uk.

It relates to Farah, a disabled dog in Serbia; and also her surviving puppy – both are in desperate need of a new home.

We only have two pictures of Farah; here they are:

‘Farah’ – Desperate for a new forever home – also her puppy (no photo).

Can you help, or do you know anyone who can ?

If you can help, please contact Kerry direct by e mail at:

Thanks – SAV.


The message sent to us is as follows:

Hi!…. not sure if you have seen this appeal before but it is for a young paralysed dog in Serbia called Farah.. she was taken into foster from a shelter once it was discovered she was actually pregnant! she deliverd 2 pups, one of whom survived and is now 45 days old.

Farah is not doing so great tho and desperately needs a home.

This is the latest email I have recieved from Boban…..
Hi Kerry,can you please put information about Farah on your facebook page. Her puppy is almost 45 days old, and soon we will be looking for new home for him. Silke could not take Farah and puppy when she planed and Farah is still at my friend home. My friend was out of town for a weekend and I went to feed her. She is not in a good condition, but at least it is better then shelter. She lost weight, muscles on back legs atrophied, and wheelchair we found for her is much to big now.

So, please post information about her again, I know that chances to find her a home are slim, but I am very afraid for her future if something don’t come up.
Thank you


If you can crosspost this article to all your EUROPEAN animal contacts, then please do.

Kerry can be contacted directly by e mail at:

Please do not contact SAV; it is Kerry who is the vital contact in this case.







USA: Urgent Action Required to Defend Protection of the Lynx – Please Support Now !

In an outrageous move, the Obama administration has proposed setting aside vital protections that have protected the forest homes of lynx and other imperiled wildlife on United States national forests since Ronald Reagan was president.

SAV just voiced their opposition to this proposal and I hope you will too.

Send a message to federal officials now online at:

Japan: EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI Animal Rescue and Appeal Links – Many Ways to Donate and Help Animals in Japan.

Dear Friends,

I have gathered some informations here on the situations in the areas in Japan (my home country) that have been hit by Tsunami and earthquakes and how you can help.

Please spread the word, it would be a great help already.

* Stories :

*Help animals in Japan tsunami disaster


*A man and his little muddy dog (rescued by a fireman) reunite


* Websites/groups that are helping animals in the areas hit by Tsunami :


You can donate here per Paypal.
I added the information below under “How You Can Help


* Earthquake update by Japan Cat Net :

* Nippon SPCA *

Earthquake damage animal and  shelter fund


* Shippononakama Ibaraki *


* I Love Cat *

Information on missing or found pets, refuge locations etc.


* We Are Feral Cats *


* HEART Tokushima *

  is one of 3 animal rescue organizations in Japan now preparing to move in to help cats and other animals in the areas most affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Visit their web site for more information about them.


* Animal Friends Niigata *

Japan Cat Network, Animal Friends Niigata and HEART-Tokushima have joined forces to help rescue cats and other animals left behind in areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. According to their joint donation site on Chipin, all money donated will go towards saving and caring for the animals that were left abandoned in the evacuated areas.

I added more information below under “How You Can Help” .

* How You Can Help :  * How You Can Help :

* Animal Refuge Kansai * – APPEAL for HELP for the ANIMALS made HOMELESS by the EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI

you can donate here per Paypal:

Please add   “for earthquake animals

* World Vets: Japan Disaster Relief

donation link :
ChipIn :

World Vets has been monitoring the situation in Japan with regards to the impact of the earthquake and tsunami that has recently hit the island nation. We are currently working to coordinate relief efforts for the animal victims affected by these unfortunate disasters. We have made contact with US Army veterinary associates stationed in Japan as well as Japan based animal charities and World Vets veterinary volunteers who remain on standby. At this time,  we have supplies ready to go and are preparing the deployment of a first-responsder team to carry out an “on the ground” assessment and provide initial aid.  We will post all updates and progress of our efforts on this page.  

Our emergency response teams are currently on alert as we monitor the developing news related to nuclear threats in Japan.  We are receiving updates from our contacts currently in Japan.

Your donations are urgently needed to coordinate aid for the animals in Japan. Any amount will help

* ChipIn – Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

thank you SheltonMason ParrotRescue for the information

HELP JAPAN’S PETS- Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support
by SheltonMason ParrotRescue on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 3:25pm
The group, through Cat Galaxy, Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support are gathering resources to help the animals that have been displaced due this tragedy in Japan.

You can help by donating funds to the organization so that when attention can be turned towards the animals in need in Japan, as Human recovery takes precedence, and action can be taken on their behalf- the group will have the funds needed to help these beautiful creatures.

You can stay up to date by watching Cat Galaxy:
An internet TV and Radio station, that is covering the news on animals since the event in Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011.

People are currently on the ground in Tokyo, accessing what will be needed and what will need to be done. If you have the ability to physically join forces and go to Japan to help in these efforts, please also contact this organization.

* American Red Cross (for people in need) *



Thank you so much for your time and help .  

Various Animal Petitions – Please Select and Sign !

Some hot current international animal welfare petitions – please sign.

Stop Abuse of New York City Carriage Horses

Save Grizzlies’ Habitat in Alberta

China: Don’t Support Bear Bile Farms!

JUSTICE NOW 22 dogs shot dead Chesterfield, SC ANIMAL CONTROL

Google must help authorities to find “Dog Murderer” (Asesino Knino)

Virginia: Protect Pets from Domestic Abuse, Too!


Kashmir Killing Dogs for nothing !

Prosecute and ask for hardest sentence possible for dog abuser!

Urge Supermarkets to stop stop stocking Canadian Seafood

Tell the U.S. Government That Greyhounds Aren’t Livestock

See and Sign many, .many more at:




International Petition: Say NO to Greyhound Exports to China. Please Sign and Crosspost Big and Wide !


Care2 Petition 


Say NO to Greyhound Exports to China


A petition targeting the Irish Greyhound Board and the Irish Government has been published on the Care2 website calling for the withdrawal of the IGB’s proposals to export greyhounds to China.


Please sign the petition and help place pressure on the Irish authorities to show some care and compassion for this gentle breed.


The petition will be delivered to the Irish Embassy in London – the Irish Greyhound Board and Government offices.