A Comment on SAV Comments.

Dear all;

comments about the site and the animal issues covered are more than welcome.

We welcome them even though they cannot each be replied to individually.

Each comment is reviewed by SAV prior to being posted on the site.

But although we have mentioned it before, we are still sometimes receiving a lot of bad language in some comments; not aimed at us, but more regarding specific issues or peoples covered in certain posts.

We all get angry about animal abuse (tell us about it), but this anger does not need to be put into abusive words for the world to see.  Words yes, but not abusive ones please.

In fact, the ability to see abusive comments by our global visitors is NOT what will happen; our policy is that anything with bad language in it will immediately be trashed and will not be published.

So please, make as many comments as you wish, but respect everyone else who is going to gain access to your comment(s).  In other words, be consturctive but KEEP IT CLEAN and printable !

We are averaging over 10,000 hits each month, and we want to encourage folks to visit us, not be turned away by lots of bad language left in the comments.

I hope and trust you agree.

Mark – Founder SAV.

Here is a baby bird which I rescued over the weekend – still trying to get its wings and do a first flight. It was returned back into the wild within half hour when the area was secure so that mum could continue to feed and train it to fly.  It is a Great Tit – identified by the black stripe running down its chest – common in Europe; but a life well worth saving !



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