International: Dozens of Petitions – Please Select and Sign.

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Urge the South African government to halt the devastating betrayal of its Wildlife

Say NO to Cruel Crates for Pigs

Take Urgent Action To Help Mother Pigs!

Tell the Indian Government to Enforce Animal Protection Laws!

Send Bijlee to a Shelter!

Australia, ban sow stalls NOW!

Ban Animal-Tested Cosmetics in Australia

Don’t Allow Crocodile Hunting in Australia’s Northern Territory!

Stop Killing Healthy Race Horses!

Prevent cruelty to dogs and cats in China

Ban Calf-Roping Cruelty in Rodeos!

Support EU Food Labeling Laws!

Save 10,000 Horses from a Death Sentence

Put an End to Intensive Hen Confinement

UK: Stop Funding Bullfights with Taxes

Australia: Cease ALL Live Animal Exports to Egypt

Require Higher Inspection Standards On California Egg Farms!

Tell the WTO: Stop Ignoring Hen Welfare!


Lots more at:

and there are more; click on ‘more’ on the bottom right hand corner of any page.

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