Romania: This Is How The Pathetic Romanian Government ‘Euthanise’ Their Dogs. Plastic Bag Over the Head Then Put Them In The Middle of the Road !!


red card 1

Luna – rescued from a certain death 😦

This is Luna.

We found her yesterday in the middle of the road, with a bag on her head, put by “humans”.

Luna 1

She was already hit by a car, she has a big wound at her back leg and she would have been death in minutes if we didn’t saw her in time :((.

Luna 2

Luna 4

We took her home, cleaned her wound and she will be taken today at the vet clinic to evaluate her state.

She ate good last night and we really hope she will be ok soon.

Luna 3

Luna 5

She will be for adoption after recovery. if you can help us to give her the vet care needed, please donate for her at PayPal:


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