UK: London Calling – Happy New Year – Enjoy the London Fireworks !!


UPDATE 1/1/16 – Please click on the following link to see the 2015 London New Year fireworks display for December 31st 2015 taking us into 2016:

london 2


Happy New Year to you all !!

          and the best of your campaigning throughout 2014.

Here in London, England, we had a pretty impressive firework display at midnight to see the old year out and the new year of 2014 in.

You can watch the full display as provided by the BBC by clicking on the following link:

Note – for our friends from overseas; in case you are wondering, the large circular structure at the centre of the display is known as the ‘London Eye’.  This is a viewing platform which revolves and allows visitors to have some very high and spectacular views over central London.

Read more about it at:

And for those of you who know me; I am a big ‘Clash’ fan – ‘London Calling’ being of my favourite tracks.  Raining in London as always – just as it was last night during the firework display.  But we don’t moan; it is the lifeblood of the planet ! – I think it has rained here every day for at least the past two weeks.

In memory of the late, great Joe Strummer –

Regards Mark – SAV.

LONDON-CALLING indicadoroculto

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