Romania: 8/3/14 – People Turn Out In Their Hundreds To Protest Against Dog Killings.



8 March 2014


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On 8 March, Romania joined the International Protest, initiated by European countries, against dog killing in Romania.

More than 500 people have participated at the protest in Bucharest (near Romanian Government), where animal lovers from other towns like Pitesti (100 people!), Ploiesti, Buzau, Ramnicu-Valcea, Moreni have also arrived.

In other around 14 towns from Romania have been as well organized protests!

We are very grateful to all of you who organized, spread, participated in your countries, in so many towns, showing the cause of the stray dogs from Romania are incredible supported from abroad.

It was probably the largest Protest has ever happened for the same cause in Europe!

Thank you!


SAV Comment – Congratulations to all who took part to be the animals voice.

We will publish other pictures of demos across the EU as soon as we have them.

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