England: Our Annual ‘Clustrmap’ Update Has Just Taken Place.


Dear alll;

today you will see our Clustrmap, the world map with red dots on the left side of the site; revert back to being blank, or just showing visitors for the single day of today.

This is a standard practice and will start afresh around 12th March.

Here are a couple of stats for the site so far:

We have had no less than 513,416 views and you have kindly left 3,891 comments on the site.

We try, but as you will appreciate, it can be almost impossible to return requested info regarding some comments left on the site.  Unfortunately there is neither the time or personnel to undertake this – we are a volunteer run group.

So if you see the world map has lost all of its red dots in the near future; don’t worry, it is not a problem with your computer – it is just an annual update to our system.  Obviously, the more hits / visits we get when we return to a ‘blank world’, the sooner all those wonderful red dots will start appearing again.

Doing what we can to spread to the global world about global animal abuse and suffering.

Please come back and visit us again – and spread the SAV word !

Thanks and regards

Mark – Founder – Kent, England UK.

A few Clustrmaps from the last few years:

 clustrmap to 2012

Clustrmap 2013 14 March 8