England: Tony Benn – Animal Advocate – Rest In Peace, and Thank You !

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Photo – The Guardian.

I can recall; many years ago; probably 20 or so, attending a lobby at the UK Houses of Parliament here in London, with regard the live transport of animals – what has always been my No. 1 hate.

There were probably 600-700 of us; it was a good turnout on an issue which the vast majority of the UK public feel very strongly about.

Whilst we queued outside to enter the House of Commons lobby area, there was the usual ‘coming and going’ of Members of Parliament (MP’s).  Every one of them just ignored us and what we were there campaigning for – we were viewed in their eyes as nothing much better than something you get on the soles of your shoes whilst walking through any wet street in London town

But whilst we stood in the queue, being ignored by so many; one man appeared and commenced to make his way along the line of the queue; shaking hands and offering very much needed words of support for what we were there for – .stopping live animal transport.

That man was Tony Benn, who has very sadly passed away today after a life of political fighting for the good.  Tony was also a very dedicated animal welfare / rights campaigner and a vegetarian of some 30+ years.

Shaking hands with Tony that day and hearing his supportive comments were enough alone to have made the whole thing worthwhile.

Tony was a great voice for the animals and today is a very big and sad loss for the animals (and human rights) which he has fought for over such a long time.

Rest in peace Tony and thank you on behalf of the animals and us all for the compassion and good work you undertook to give them a much stronger voice – you will be sadly missed, as will your excellent advice and knowledge on so many different subjects.

Mark – SAV.

Please click on the following link to hear Tony speaking about animal welfare issues at a sponsored dog walk in London:



”Tony Benn spoke his mind and spoke up for his values. Whether you agreed with him or disagreed with him, everyone knew where he stood and what he stood for.

“He believed in movements and mobilised people behind him for the causes he cared about, often unfashionable ones. In a world of politics that is often too small, he thought big about our country and our world.”