Mass EU Demonstrations – 8/3/2014 – Europe Unites Against the Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs – Over 50 Demos Organised Throughout Europe. Read Further For Your Nearest.



If the EU Commission Will Not Act Quickly – Its Citizens Will !!


Dear all,

On Saturday, 8th of March the biggest international DEMONSTRATION against dog killing in Romania will take place in over 50 cities from THROUGHOUT EUROPE (and not only).

Rom dog demo 2014


Please, all of you who can participate, see

where there are mentioned all the cities where the protests are organized.

Also you still have time to initiate/organize in other cities protests in this respect.

I would suggest to be at the Romanian embassies/consulates.

Thank you for every continuously effort you do for the animals from Romania!

All the best


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Romania 8 oct 14

London rom 5

rom terror 2

Romania 2

Romania 1

rom terror 1