England / Serbia – Two Great Videos To Watch and Enjoy – Joanne Can Now Hear the Music From Mike – BIG Result !!

EnglandSerbian  FlagNot a thing that we usually cover, but you have to see – it is such a tear-jerker that we have been watching it time and time again here in UK.
An English girl (Joanne) aged 40, who has been deaf for her entire life, was fitted with implants into her ears in Birmingham England and this video captures the moment they are switched on and she can hear for the first time in her life.
Has been covered on UK tv news all day – you have to see it

Joanne said one of the first things she did was to get down to the sea and hear the waves crashing up onto the beach. Then she went home and flushed the toilet, again and again; just to hear it for the first time; what she had never heard before.
Watch the real tear-jerker video by scrolling down once clicked on the following link:

The best news of the day, without doubt.


ALSO – See Mikes rap for Serbian dogs here:

Please crosspost everywhere – this animal guy deserves a record deal !