UK: Update 26/3/14 – A Good Day For Animals; A Bad One For Hunters !

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See our recent post which declared that the current UK government was considering, much against the wishes of the vast majority of the British public, a return to hunting with dogs.

View the ‘No Joke’ video produced by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) by clicking on the following link:     or  

Well today, 26th March 2014, Joe has sent us some great news. You can read it here:

Dear Mark,

I’m writing to you with some fantastic news.

Thanks to all our collective efforts, we have seen off the planned back door attack on the Hunting Act. This news unfolded today during Prime Ministers Questions, when David Cameron was forced to admit that a proposal was indeed being considered, but that he regretted that it wouldn’t get support from both sides of the Coalition. This means an amendment has no chance of proceeding as things stand.

We have won the battle, but know full well that the war is not yet won. We need David Cameron to state categorically that he either:
accepts the Hunting Act is an important and successful piece of legislation, and removes the promise of full repeal,

• that he will try to dismantle it in an open and transparent way by holding a repeal vote.
We know, as does he, that he will not win this – and that the majority of the British public, and MPs, would not support a return to cruelty.

Rest assured, after 90 years of campaigning to both bring about and enforce a ban on hunting with hounds for sport, we remain ever vigilant in defence of the Act. For now though the foxes, hares, deer and more that the legislation protects remain safe from the full horrors of traditional hunting.

Our campaigns of course focus on more than just hunting, as unfortunately there are many ways people chose to abuse animals for entertainment. And the badger cull issue is about to hit the headlines again, so please do ensure you look out for our emails, and do all you can to support our campaigns.

Thank you once again for all you do for animals. Together we have made a real difference.

With very best wishes

Joe Duckworth

Chief Executive
League Against Cruel Sports

P.S. The full exchange at (Prime Ministers Questions) PMQs was as follows:

League Vice-President, Angela Smith MP, asked:

“Westminster is awash with the rumour that the Government is considering an amendment to the Hunting Act. So will the Prime Minister take this opportunity to quash that rumour by confirming his commitment to the coalition agreement which only allows for a free vote on the legislation… on the repeal of the legislation.”

The Prime Minister replied:

“Proposals where made on a cross party basis to the Environment Secretary about an amendment to the Hunting Act that would help, in particular, upland farmers deal with the problem of fox predation of their lambs. That letter has been received and is being considered… but I regret to say I don’t think there will be Government agreement to go forward.”

And so, we are very confident that the hunting with dogs ban in the UK will now continue.
This is a victory for the League and all the campaigners who have worked so hard over the years to get a hunting ban – and now it seems that despite attempts by David Cameron Prime Minister, the hunting ban is to continue.

Keep UK hunting where it belongs – in the history books !

Keep Cruelty History !!

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Serbia: Mike Produces Rapp Song For The Dogs At Shelter Azil Alex.

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Mike has just produced this excellent rapp recording for the dogs at Shelter Azil Alex, Subotica.

You can see the video with footage of many of the dogs by clicking on:

Great work Mike !