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With all this sad, bad news – we maybe need a few minutes to chill.

Enjoy these clips from British tv in the fairly recent past:

For non UK visitors, Sir Norman (below) is NOT a real MP – this is a complete spoof.

Not so sure about his antics though !!!


Four candles –


Mastermind – a copy of the show where competitiors pick their specialist subject and also get asked general questions:


They say of the Acropolis – from QI, a celebrity quiz show that covers many pointless things; but gives the audience a laugh !


So- Called ‘Formal Ritual Slaughter’ and EU Dog Trafficking – and The EU Politicians Who Do Nothing For Either !

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Re the following articles and other concerns from the British Veterinary Association in the UK about ritual slaughter we recently published.

Recent Link:


UPDATE – 7/03/14 – Today we have been working with our friends at ‘Eyes on Animals’ (EonA) http://www.eyesonanimals.com/  who are based in the Netherlands, to provide further evidence to the BVA regarding the suffering involved for animals during ritual slaughter.

During December 2013, EonA and the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) visited several several Turkish slaughterhouses in the Istanbul region; which supposedly undertake Halal slaughter in accordance with the requirements.

At the beginning of the following video made by EonA and AWF, which sows their investigations in Turkey, Inspector Asalet Sancakdaroglu explains what exactly should be the process of animals killed by the Halal method.  For example, this says that animals should not be slaughtered in sight of other animals destined for the same fate.  Also in the video, you can see a slaughterman sharpening his knife directly in front of a hoisted animal which he is going to kill – again NOT in any way part of correct way of Halal slaughter.

**WARNING:**  – The following video can be distressing to viewers and we appreciate that; but it shows the full reality of what goes on every single day under the name of Halal slaughter in Turkish slaughterhouses all the time. 

As shown by EonA in other investigations, many of the animals shown in these Turkish slaughterhouses have been transported from EU nations to Turkey (Turkey is not an EU member state); and so questions in the EU have to be asked about why the EU supports the export of animals reared in the EU, which would be slaughtered in the EU via pre-stunning; to be exported to non-EU nations to be killed in such horrific ways as shown without pre-stun.

Despite promises and assurance made to EU animal welfare organisations, EU politics, including the Parliament, Commission and the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup, are again here failing EU animals; just as they are failing the EU stray animals in Romania; in as much as they (EU) are talking loud and holding Press Conferences; but in actual reality are doing very little to make the situation any better for the many suffering animals.

A copy of this post and the video footage is being supplied by us to the EU AWG and EU Members of the European Parliament – our alleged representatives; to show that the export of EU animals to non-EU nations to be slaughtered in this way is not acceptable to virtually all EU citizens.  The EU Parliament and Commissions need to act and act immediately on these issues; or hopefully those who do not will be informed about how people feel about their inadequacies when we have the EU Elections in May 2014; just a matter of moths away.

The following video is very disturbing, but it is the reality of EU animals exported to non EU nations for slaughter; something which many EU politicians care little, or will do little about.  We shall see what effect this attitude has with voters in the May elections – and we will continue to expose this issue and their failings until then.

With the failing of EU politicians to do much about the Romanian stray dogs issue also, one has to ask exactly what the EU stands for now days – to introduce more nations into the ‘club’ for what ? – more illegal trafficking to go on ?.

Video link – Halal Slaughterhouses in Turkey – and the drastic need for improvements – which we would expect to come from the EU; but we do not have much hope !



And further; staying on the issue of animals being transported from sources within the EU;

we also applaud the German authorities for stopping yet another consignment of very young puppies which were being transported all the way from Slovakia in Eastern Europe to a ‘dealer’ in Spain.

All of the 77 dogs were much younger than the info in their paperwork declared, and many of them were ill; much as you would expect for so many young animals being mass shipped all the way across the EU. The larger part of the animal consignment (not shown in the video) are currently in intensive care in Germany.

Video link – in the German language, but the footage of the young dogs is enough for most people to see and understand, and it clearly shows the situation of very young animals being transported across the EU by trafficking groups who are working in Eastern Europe.  It also shows the work being imposed on EU animal welfare organizations who have to pick up the tab due to the ignorance of the EU political system

Video link (in Grman):


The German authorities say that there is a ‘huge increase’ in these type of movements, and that the EU is not really ‘getting a grip’ on the situation – see above and also the Romanian dogs crisis we have so much covered recently to name but a few ! – what exactly are EU politicians ‘getting a grip’ on we ask ?

Eastern European animal traffickers are using the main European highways to cross the EU from East into West.  Young animals such as these puppies are their ‘cargo’.  As there are now no EU border controls within the EU, this type of illegal animal trading is being made much easier to undertake by the slacking of border regulations.  If animals can illegally cross borders (such as these puppies) by traders without any fear of being detected, then what other illegal products are being shipped around the EU by ‘traffickers’; again undetected, we ask ?

The EU and its alleged politicians have lots of issues to investigate and act upon.

Are we going to see anything positive before the May elections ? – probably not.  What have they done for animal welfare issues such as this so far in their parliamentary term ?

It is all very well for some MEPs to say that getting out of the EU is the answer; but for us; this does nothing to stop inaction and the continuation of the trade.  If people elect MEPs, then those people want those same MEPs to do something positive rather than to keep on telling them that we would be better out of the EU.  Being out is not the answer to the situation – legislation change is – that is what EU citizens want – if only EU politicians would deliver !!