Breaking 9/10/14 – LEGO Blocks Shell Because Of Its Plans To Drill In The Arctic Next Year.

lego block shell



I just got some amazing news.

As a direct result of our campaign, LEGO has announced that it will not renew its contract with Shell. 

Over a million people around the world called on LEGO to drop its partnership with Shell because of Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic next year. Here in the US, supporters like you signed petitions, made your own LEGO protest signs using the “Protest-o-matic,” and showed up in LEGO costumes at the flagship store in New York City. Thank you!

And it worked! With this announcement, the writing is on the wall: companies like Shell that contribute to climate change and destroy beautiful places like the Arctic won’t be able to hide behind beloved names like LEGO. 

Please make a donation today to protect the Arctic and other amazing ecosystems.

Shell is still sticking with its plans to drill in the Arctic next year.

The company is not giving up, and neither can we. 

Shell has shown over and over again that it cannot be trusted to drill safely in a fragile and important area like the Arctic Ocean. When it tried in 2012, its rig ran aground, one of its ships caught on fire, and the Environmental Protection Agency found that it was in violation of the terms of its permit.

We can’t protect the Arctic without you. Give today to support our global work to protect the planet, including the Arctic.

So far, over 5 million people have taken action for the Arctic, and today’s victory is proof of the power of our movement. But next year we will need to aim even higher and go even further if we are going to protect the Arctic once and for all.

This is just the beginning. We will use every tool in the toolbox to keep Shell from drilling in the Arctic next year. We’ll work to make sure the Obama administration holds Shell to strict safety standards. We’ll use investigative research to shine a bright light on Shell’s plans. And of course, we’ll be educating and mobilizing millions of people to stand up for the Arctic.

To do all this and more, we need your support. Greenpeace doesn’t take any money from corporations or governments. Victories like today’s happen only because people like you make them possible. Please give today.

For the Arctic,

Tyler Sanville
Greenpeace USA Arctic Campaigner

P.S. Today’s victory is amazing, but there’s so much more work to do to protect the Arctic. Please make a donation today.




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