Serbia: 26/10/14 – New Petition Launched Today For ‘Nani’ Deer – Please Sign Immediately and Pass Link On. Thank You.


26/10/14 – ‘Nani’ deer update.

Today we have launched a new petition to the Serbian government for Nani (and the other animals held by the hunters) on the Care2 website.

Here is the link

This should take you directly to the petition.

We need to act immediately for Nani – please sign NOW and crosspost to everyone that you can  !

Thank you


News from Serbia 26/10/14:

The husband of Mrs. Mitic, visited again and fed Nani, took a lot of green food, for tomorrow,  because of the job  will not be in Cicevac and will not be able to go and see her.

He says: NANI immediately rushed to the gate, because it seems recognizes  sound of my car. I took her a lot of food, because tomorrow I will not be in Cicevac. I was able to pet her through the gate.

Of course, Nani  always felt when we must to go back, and then she’s nervous, run along the fence and looking for a way out for her.   (Nani  try to escape and go with Milan, Dragana is very ill and depress because of Nani,  She can not stand suffering Nani, because  Nani for her as her child) .  

Nani cry like  a child, loud, every time,   and today some hunters or guardians, are sitting there, in the house,  in the shadows, and no one has the nerve to stuck his head. I have not photo anything, because I know , you are  overbooked with materials.






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