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28/10/14 – Serbia and England: A ‘Manic Day’, But One Which We Hope Witnesses A Very Major Turn For The Benefit Of All Animals Within Serbia !

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Today 28/10/14 has been an incredibly manic, busy day for both Serbian and English campaigners regarding Serbian animal welfare.  We think and hope that all the efforts today will set a much better precedent for Serbian animal welfare in the future.

Here in a detailed brief are a few of the main issues that we have addressed today with our Serbian campaigner friends.  As the day has been a long one; here at present are only the main points of today’s events.  Just the main points but a lot – this shows how manic today has been !.

For us and also campaigners In Serbia; we consider all today’s happenings are very productive and hopefully will set a precedent to the better treatment of animals within Serbia in the future.  Below is a summary of the days events.

Regards Mark – SAV;

on behalf of all in the crew in both Serbia and England.

Free Nani !!

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Serbia wishes to become an EU member state – and so if it does have this position; the massive animal welfare syndicate of groups and campaigners in the EU will watch Serbia much more closely.  Serbian politicians have to learn this for the future – they are under the spyglass when it comes to animal welfare.

By coincidence, Serbian Prime Minister, Mr. Aleksandar Vucic has been in London yesterday and today (27/28 10).  It was time to act.  After news from Serbian campaigners, we immediately first made contact with a Green Party member of the London Assembly; which is a kind of council which oversees all that happens in London; it is directly linked with the Mayor.

It was late, but we asked members of the assembly if today they could meet Mr Vucic and ask him about Serbian animal welfare.  We did not expect anything, but at least the issue of Serbian animals was with the London Assembly.

Next; Serbian campaigners have today made a formal Criminal Charge to the Serbian authorities regarding the situation of Nani the baby deer.  Here is translation of the charge for you to see:



TO:  Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Belgrade
– Office of the Minister, to conduct
– Director of the Veterinary Department, to conduct

– Head of the Department of Republican Veterinary Inspection, to conduct and deliver
– RVI of Rasina District, to conduct
Chief Slavica Jovanovic


for the abuse of a tame fawn Nani in the pheasant farm of a Hunting Association “Cicevac” in extended period of time, as of 01.08.2014 when the same fawn was illegally confiscated by hunters and in assistance of Police Department Cicevac, from Dragana Mitic, street Luj Paster No. 6, Cicevac, who saved him from a certain death, where he grew the most critical two months of age and survived weighting only 450 gr. He was tamed while growing up, and therefore does not have and won’t ever have the status of a hunting wildlife (Article 4, paragraph 32 of the Hunting Law (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 18/2010) therefore Wildlife and Hunting Law can’t be applied on this fawn, and hunters were not allowed to take him, and the same fawn is subject to regulations and Article 2 page 1, paragraph 7 of the Animal Welfare Act (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009 ).

Bearing in mind that we have acted immediately (as of 08.08.2014 until 27.10.2014 after learning a tame fawn was taken away) and filed a large number of charges due to various abuses of this fawn, and abuse reflected in:

– keeping of a fawn in an unsuitable pheasant farm of a hunting association “Cicevac” that is not a registered facility, a shelter for the keeping of a large game where the hunting is prohibited, that the fawn is tame and in such circumstances in which the veterinary inspection has left her on 27.08.2014 and never checked upon her since then (27.10. 2014), she will never become an individual that can be returned to nature,

– that the fawn was sick or showed signs of the illness – more than once, due to bad and wrong diet and starvation caused by stress which she is constantly exposed to due to the inability to have peace, food, water and a place to rest, due to the negligence and mistreatment by all hunters who come to pheasantry for the rioting and revelry, especially on weekends,

– that Nani, the fawn received ecto- and endo parasites in dirty premises, inside the fenced area where the pheasants are being held and which hasn’t been cleaned for years nor there was a sanitation performed, that vet. inspection didn’t find appropriate to check out, at least for the sake of 600 pheasants which reside there,

– that the fawn is locked in a box sized barely 5m2, next to field latrine, where everything is terribly dirty, always without food and clean water and that she has been there longer, in a place where she could not turn around, nor lie on the dirty concrete, until Dragana Mitic found her like that and immediately reported to us how horrible conditions are under which Nani lives, that she is known to be hungry and thirsty and cries a lot and she even tried to jump over the dangerous fence where a huge nail is appointed on which she can injure and cut herself, and that they can’t approach her any closer, since that fence is much farther from the outer enclosure. We even reported that to PD of Cicevac and RVI in Krusevac, who did nothing,

– fawn Nani is a female and was deliberately locked inside a small fenced area with a goat, Cameroonian race who was in estrus, to be abused, and where the goat beat and chased Nani to exhaustion, while the hunters were amused. We reported this to the police as well, after which they were separated. Inspection in Krusevac barely condescended to respond to the call of the police, but for this particular case they did nothing except telling us that whenever hunters have “feast day (Serbian Slava)” the Laws of RS are suspended,

– that we have reported several times that the fawn Nani is being starved, that she never has clean drinking water, that she never gets bulky green food which is essential for digestion and proper rumen function, on what we have received an answer from RVI stating that the fawn is being fed with concentrate feed for lambs, which by the way Nani did not want nor did she eat. Then we realized the degree of ignorance we’re dealing with, that a veterinary inspector knows nothing about ruminant nutrition, or about the living needs of the young specimens of wild animals, and that such ignorance causes the lack of every treatment concerning the welfare of the fawn regarding starvation, deprivation of basic needs, both at the beginning and today. Additionally vet. inspection in Krusevac showed a complete lack of knowledge about regulations by which it should work and since there were also no proper actions from a Chief of RVI, Director of the Veterinary Department and the Minister herself, we conclude from numerous other examples, that for them a complete inaction, ignorance and violation of regulations from the veterinary field and animal welfare is a normal occurrence and that they actually don’t really know the description of their job and the laws by which it is regulated,

– we reported that the fawn resides in the fenced space, on the mowed lawn with uniform grass, that she has no grazing and no proper food, that the fawn is for a longer period either starved or inadequately fed, and that’s when she was dozed, cheerless, frightened by all events and the constant noise in the pheasant farm, that she is tired and short of sleep, which will only show its harmful effects during the winter, because in her critical period of growing up the fawn had no useful substances necessary for her proper growth and the body and rumen development,

– that, consequently, fawn’s well-being and physical and psychological condition was greatly compromised, her health and mental stability, because around her it has been shot with firing weapons, she has been visited by a lot of unknown people, pheasants were captured and later released back to the nature from the farm, there were sprees and rampages through the whole night after the hunt was over, slaughter of the animals, etc … etc …. a series of very bad actions that have adversely affected and destroyed and undermined all the good that has Dragana Mitic for two months achieved and brought this fawn back from the dead.

– that we have delivered you the document, a statement from Dejan Ignjatovic from Cicevac, that tells about the origin of the fawn, which was the job of a veterinary inspection and the police, and also tells the fact that the fawn was found in a comatose state, with no response to the human presence, abandoned by the mother and alone, and that Mr. Ignjatovic who was picking mushrooms in the forest took her out of compassion and brought her with him and gave her to his neighbor Dragana Mitic to try to save her, which surprisingly Dragana Mitic managed, because the survival rates of so young and small fawns are very low and only survive in conditions when they have someone to bind to, and accept the person who raises them as biological mother, which is also a rarity… The most common is that the fawns will not accept anyone and mortality rates are much higher than those who remain alive.

– if you do not know anything about this, we suggest you again with good intentions, to find and read the professional literature from the XXI century, that will broaden your knowledge about animal welfare, that is contained in the Animal Welfare Law, and according to which you must act and thus improve your work.

As we approach the period of winter and cold weather, and the fawn is in very bad shape, skinny, has weak hair, mostly scared and tired without the possibility to have its peace and shelter to rest and sleep, we are reporting this type of abuse as well and it must end, inspection must act, because all the events around this fawn in the previous period indicate a fatal outcome that will soon come!

In recent days of heavy rain, wind, cold, humidity, fawn Nani had nowhere to hide except in the dirty area where pheasants resided. She was outdoors constantly. In this space there is a lot of hazardous waste of every type. Besides pheasant’s excrement, there is armature which protrudes upwards, scattered beams that can ensnare fawn’s foot and crush it, she can get hurt on the sharp metal armature, on a maze of wires, etc… She is always more hungry than satiated, thirsty and as the days get shorter and as we go into the winter period, sun can shine, but it will still be cold. Therefore it is not acceptable that a fawn has no shelter.

Under the shelter we don’t consider any hazardous bunch of objects which abound in pheasant farm, see pictures attached – but a closed type of shed with wooden floor, with a thick bedding in which a fawn may lie down and sleep without a wind blowing from the door, yet the entrance area should be designed to shield the inside of the shed and prevent the entry of the cold air or rainfall. This is because the fawn is not moving, she is not running, does not eat, she is not happy, she is poorly fed, always hungry, has lost its weight, has weak hair and has stopped growing (she now looks the same and is in the same psycho-physical condition as the fawn Suzana was who disappeared the day before a hunting inspector was supposed to come) and it is unacceptable that over all Nani does not have a space where she can shelter herself from the rain and cold.

Veterinary inspection should order the Hunting Association “Cicevac” to do this, with the instant completion deadline!

Or to order the relocation of the fawn in accordance with Article 79, page 1, paragraph 2 of the Animal Welfare Law for her well-being and recovery, all in accordance with the principles of the Law and return the fawn back to Dragana Mitic who still wants to take her and has much better conditions to keep Nani than hunters in the pheasant farm have. She has a spacious courtyard of the 15 acres, where the fawn grew, and in addition, she will feed and take care of Nani much better than the hunters do now. Nani needs to recover from all that she has survived since 01.08.2014 up until now. This fact you can’t deny because we have plenty of evidence to show the contrary!

Winter is approaching and with it come the various situations that can’t be predicted. The fawn can’t be left at the mercy of nature, closed in the fence where she even now doesn’t have the basic conditions for life, no food and water or anyone to bring the food and check out if she needs anything, except Dragana and her family who daily travel 6km to feed Nani which they won’t be able to do when winter comes.

At Dragana Mitic’s home, the fawn will comfortably and safely overwinter, recover and she can wait there the delayed and slow acting of the Minister, and that would be a reasonable treatment and the best solution for the fawn herself. All in accordance with Article 4 of the Animal Welfare Law.

Summary: At the time of confiscation, 01.08.2014 the fawn looked great, perfect, even the vets gave her 15 days more of her actual age. She was cheerful, she played and ran. She was in a great psychological and physical condition and that was all thanks to Dragana Mitic. Now after almost three months in conditions in which RVI Krusevac put her and forgot her, we have one ruin of the animal and that will be the further topic of our work.

Noting that the life which Dragana preserved is the only one that this fawn has, and her one and only small life was destroyed by the state authorities of the Republic of Serbia, although the Animal Welfare Law dictates otherwise!

In the very bad conditions lives the Cameroon goat as well (see photos attached – what you see in the picture as a makeshift boards is the actual shelter for her), but it can’t be a reason to kill her, rather the hunters should get her a decent space with a thick layer of bedding, where she could shelter herself from weather and cold, sleep, eat, have water that won’t freeze in the winter. The temperature in which goats reside C. The goat could also get transferred from the°shouldn’t be lower than 5 pheasant farm to Cicevac, in Milije Djordjevic’s home where he could take the care and custody over the goat until spring arrives.


According to the way of how the animals are being kept in this pheasant farm it’s not difficult to conclude that everything is done by violation of the regulations which directly goes at the expense of animals and their well-being.

To us it is more than clear now that out of spite veterinary inspection won’t comply with the law and won’t return the fawn to the family to which it belongs – yet it was obliged to do so according to the Article 79 of the Animal Welfare Law until the Decision of the Minister is reached. It would remove all the dangers for the fawn, but Ms. Slavica Jovanovic, the vet. inspector, Chief of RVI Krusevac, wants to leave this fawn to suffer as much as she can, to drop dead if it must, but defiance is defiance. Abuse of power is a dangerous and contagious “disease” and is transmitted. It expires after the period of more than 10 years, so she better not dream that she can get away from her responsibility in front of the law.

Defiance was always a bad craft, legal provisions oblige the inspection for proper actions and this is the last Charge for this specific case that we file in this form. Following is the insistence on the legal treatment by the Minister through everything we have provided so far, including the complaints on your work and then the following are criminal charges to the Republican Public Prosecutor, whom we will supply all the evidence and everything we wrote in elapsed time and to detail transfer your every (in)action and response, and to whom you will must, willingly or not, provide all that you did or didn’t do and the reasons for your inaction since 08.08.2014 until 27.10.2014., everything you didn’t want to provide to us, but we requested, yet you are angry and pouting because we only write you the truth about your illegal work, and that is only we insist on, everything that exists and that will be the evidence of your actions or omissions, and is defined by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia.

Also, we will not repeat this anymore: Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law requires lawful actions from the Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, and gives him a period of up to 30 days and that deadline is long over, because today is 88th day of abuse and suffering of the fawn and the family to which it belongs – without any progress. Not to mention the Article 76 of the Animal Welfare Law, according to which the Ministry was obliged to monitor the welfare of all animals on this pheasant far through the competent government veterinary inspection service, and that is not happening. The well-being of all animals in the pheasant farm in Cicevac is seriously impaired, as well as the safety of the citizens from infectious diseases, because the Hunting Society “Hajduk Veljko” doesn’t have a registered facility under Article 104 of the Veterinary Law, that is in force since 02.11.2005., as well as under Regulations which more precisely regulate this field, and for such violation of the law is responsible sloppy and non-working RVI Krusevac, ie specifically Chief of RVI Krusevac, who doesn’t apply and implement the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

If not to us, then Ms. Minister will have to explain to Republican Public Prosecutor’s Office why she didn’t act the way she was supposed to according to the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Act (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009), and, after all, with all its principles this whole law is aimed at animal welfare – while lady Minister violates the law. So when Minister can break the law, of course that the veterinary inspector will freely violate it as well – but thus they both make abuse of power because they allow acquisition of illegal material and non material benefits to others, and of course, for themselves they also provide a variety of benefits at the expense of the citizens and property of the Republic of Serbia in yet unspecified amount.

In attachment we submit photos and part of our addressing to RVI Krusevac, and on the site you can see the chronology of the events since 08.08.2014 up until now.


EPAR – SERBIA OIPA / Alliance for the Protection of nature, animal and human rights

End of Charge —————————————————–



Whilst this above charge was being undertaken by Serbian campaigners; we at SAV England made contact with both Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski; the newly elected President of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup and a huge animal campaigner for Romanian stray dogs.  See our past post –

We informed Mr. Wojciechowski about the situation for animals within Serbia and we gave a lot of information on the fact that Nani baby deer had still not been released back to Mrs. Mitic by the government Minister after 89 days; when according to Serbian law, the authorities had a maximum of 30 daysAs Mr. Wojciechowski is also an MEP in the European Parliament, we asked him to please make sure that other MEP’s were informed about Nani.

We also then had a formal response from the EU Enlargement Commission which reviews potential new member state applications to the EU.  We were asked if we were willing for our SAV information to be given to the Serbian government.

Here is exactly what the Commission said to us:

Dear Mr Johnson,

Your message to DG Enlargement has arrived to me, in the Serbia team of DG Enlargement, as the official responsible for environment questions.

I hope that you will understand that, as a candidate country to the EU, Serbia is not yet obliged to apply fully EU laws.

However, as a country aspiring to join the EU, Serbia needs to demonstrate its capacity to apply those laws. The European Commission is in the process of examining Serbia’s implementation of the large block of laws under the environment heading, including those to do with animal welfare.

In this context, I hope that you will agree that we can pass on your message and your views to the Serbian authorities. I would like to invite them to give this matter their fullest attention and to invite them to reply to you.

Yours sincerely,

Naturally, we at SAV were fully in agreement with the EU Commission that our information be provided to the Serbian government so that they can be invited to reply to what we have said.  We await their comments with much interest.  A full copy of today’s Serbian campaigners charge (above) was also provided to the Enlargement Commission to see what the Serbian government also would say about this.

The formal charge speaks or itself and we think there is no way the Serbian government can get out of what has been said.  We trust that the EU Enlargement Commission will also take this charge as additional evidence to our case for the animals of Serbia.

The situation for Nani deer has not changed today; she is still being held by the hunters.

But we hope that all of the efforts both in Serbia and England today will prove very productive for animal welfare within Serbia in the future.  We especially hope that our first real win will be to see Nani and the other animals held captive by the hunters released and returned to Mrs. Mitic for life safe keeping.

So this is a long but very brief summary of today’s events – 28/10/14.

Via work at the EU and also with criminal charges made within Serbia by Serbian campaigners; we hope that the Serbian government will now be put under more formal pressure to provide responses to both of us, Serbian campaigners, SAV and the EU Enlargement Commission.

Our first priority is still to free Nani deer and the other animals held by the hunters; but today we can look back and say that hopefully, 28/10/14 can be noted as a turning point day for big progress in Serbian animal welfare.

We hope you agree !


Our new petition to free Nani the deer can be viewed and signed at:  


Thank you – Nani and friends.






In 2013 the EU Provided Serbia With 208 Million Euros To Ensure Application of the ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Guaranteeing Democracy’, Ensuring ‘Human Rights’. Why Then Has the Serbian Government Failed With the ‘Nani’ Deer Campaign ???

Serbian  Flag


Nani Deer Update 27/10/14.


Firstly, the situation is that there are still currently no changes in the situation for Nani.

Despite this, we are overwhelmed with the first day response to our new petition; which can be signed at:    – please pass on to all your contacts and ask them to spread the word about how the Serbian government is betraying giving Nani her freedom back with Mrs. Tadic.

Today, 27/10/14, we have been in telephone conversation with the EU Enlargement Commission regarding Nani and Serbia’s application to become an EU member state.

Please check the following for more information:

With regard the above second link, it is interesting to note:


Serbia – financial assistance

Funding allocation from the EU for 2013: €208.3 million.

EU assistance focuses on:

Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, fight against organised crime and corruption.

Public administration reform – at local and central government level.

Social development – social inclusion (especially of the Roma population), employment, human resources development and human rights.

Environment & energy – nature conservation, water and air quality, waste management, climate action, renewables, energy efficiency and security.

So, the EU gives Serbia over 200 million Euros in 2013, part of which is the fight against organised crime and corruption, as well as human rights; and today we see the Serbian Agriculture Minister still refusing to implement Serbian animal welfare legislation regarding Nani deer after 88 days, when she originally was required by law to respond within 30 days !

Serb Minister 1

Serbian welfare campaigners are today continuing to contact both the Ministry of Agriculture and also the Ministry associated with the police – who took Nani from Mrs. Mitic and handed her back to the hunters.  So much for the above – Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, and the fight against organised crime and corruption.

It was the police who undertook unlawful action in support of the hunters on 1/8/2014; instead putting pressure on and taking away the human rights of normal Serbian citizens such as Mrs. Mitic who was at the time caring for Nani.

Also, we question the veterinary inspector who prepared an unlawful official report in opposition to to Article 79 of the law for animal welfare.  Mrs. Mitic has personally now commenced action (on 10/8/2014) regarding the authorities to ignore the requiremnts of Article 58 of Serbian law.

So we ask once again as EU citizens, with the EU giving away OUR MONEY, where is the Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, and the fight against organised crime and corruption that members of the EU tax paying public have given €208.3 million to Serbia for in 2013 ???

It is a basic requirement of any future EU member states to ensure that during their application process, there is proof to the EU Enlargement Commission that the national ‘rules of law’ are being applied by in this case, Serbia.  We are failing to see this; certainly in the case of Nani where the minister for Agriculture has still not made any decisions at day 88, when she had originally 30 days by law to decide !

We have reminded the EU Enlargement Commission of the current situation during our telephone conversation today.

The solution to the case of Nani is a very simple one – remove Nani from the hunters and return her to Mrs. Mitic for her forever keep and welfare.

i want to go home

Finally we would like to thank over 600 supporters who have already signed our save Nani petition in the first 24 hours.  We are proud of you all – thank you from Nani and the ‘Save Nani’ team.

On 28/10 we move into day 89 of still not having any decision from a Serbian government minister regarding Nani; or especially her compliance with Serbian law which requires her to complete a decision within 30 days.

As can be seen from our petition;     many people in many nations around the globe are now fully aware of the situation regarding Nani the baby deer and the failure of the Serbian government to apply the fundamental rules of law which are a requirement for EU membership.

We now wait for a new day and see what happens on 28/10.

Regards – the ‘Save Nani’ team – Serbia and England, UK.


Further links:

(EU) Membership requires that candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect for and protection of minorities, the existence of a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union. Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union“.  – Excerpt from the Copenhagen Presidency conclusions.

The ‘Rule of Law’

The rule of law (also known as nomocracy) is the legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to arbitrary decisions by individual government officials. It primarily refers to the influence and authority of law within society, particularly as a constraint upon behavior, including behavior of government officials.  The phrase can be traced back to 16th century England, and it was popularized in the 19th century by British jurist A. V. Dicey. The concept was familiar to ancient philosophers such as Aristotle, who wrote “Law should govern”. 

The Rule of law implies that every citizen is subject to the law, including law makers themselves.

And as far as we are aware that also includes Serbian Agriculture Ministers !!

Is this above the case with the Nani situation ??



Return her to Mrs. Mitic Immediately !!





Serbia: 26/10/14 – New Petition Launched Today For ‘Nani’ Deer – Please Sign Immediately and Pass Link On. Thank You.


26/10/14 – ‘Nani’ deer update.

Today we have launched a new petition to the Serbian government for Nani (and the other animals held by the hunters) on the Care2 website.

Here is the link

This should take you directly to the petition.

We need to act immediately for Nani – please sign NOW and crosspost to everyone that you can  !

Thank you


News from Serbia 26/10/14:

The husband of Mrs. Mitic, visited again and fed Nani, took a lot of green food, for tomorrow,  because of the job  will not be in Cicevac and will not be able to go and see her.

He says: NANI immediately rushed to the gate, because it seems recognizes  sound of my car. I took her a lot of food, because tomorrow I will not be in Cicevac. I was able to pet her through the gate.

Of course, Nani  always felt when we must to go back, and then she’s nervous, run along the fence and looking for a way out for her.   (Nani  try to escape and go with Milan, Dragana is very ill and depress because of Nani,  She can not stand suffering Nani, because  Nani for her as her child) .  

Nani cry like  a child, loud, every time,   and today some hunters or guardians, are sitting there, in the house,  in the shadows, and no one has the nerve to stuck his head. I have not photo anything, because I know , you are  overbooked with materials.






England: The Dark Side of Dinner – Ramsgate Live Exports – What Mr. Cameron Does Not Want You To See.



 Cameron good day

Serbia: Nani Photographs 25/10/14 – Also Please Support Our International Serbian Embassy Campaign – Sample Letter To Send Included – See Link Below.

Serbian  Flag

25/10/14 – The Minister responsible for making a decision on Nani, Serbian Minister of Agriculture Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic (photo below), who originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare, has still taken no action in over double this period.

Please support our campaign to contact Serbian Embassies globally until Nani is freed and returned to Mrs. Mitic.

Our campaign includes a letter which can be copied and sent to any Serbian embassy.

Campaign link:    

By failing to make a decision to free Nani; the Minister is not portraying a good image for Serbia – GLOBALLY.  The Minister is failing Serbia – we are ensuring the EU is provided with continual information on this situation.

This is who are being informed of the failure of the Minister –  



Serb Minister 1



Serb Minister 1



Serb Minister 1





Serb Minister 1



Serb Minister 1




Serb Minister 1





England: Latest Senseless Badger Killings Finish – A Simple Mess Up Ploy For Farmers Votes From David cameron ?



badger artwork


Question mark over future of badger cull

First published Thursday 23 October 2014.

THE roll out of the controversial badger cull across the country remains uncertain after shooters failed to meet minimum targets in one of the cull zones.

The second year of the controversial badger culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset ended after six weeks at 12pm on Monday.

The culls were part of the Government’s plans to tackle bovine TB in England, which saw over 26,000 TB-infected cattle slaughtered last year.

Marksmen had targets of killing a minimum of 316 badgers in Somerset and 615 in Gloucestershire.

The Humane Society International/ UK said that figures were revealed to Team Badger by a source at Natural England, and show only 253 badgers were shot in Gloucestershire while in Somerset gunmen killed the minimum number.

Defra is yet to confirm the number of badgers killed but previously Environment Secretary Liz Truss said the outcome of this year’s culls would determine if they were rolled out nationwide.

Sources close to Defra are said to have told the BBC that plans to extend the cull will not be rolled out if targets had been missed.

It is also not yet known if there will be an extension to the culls like last year, which still failed to meet the 70% target set by Defra.

No application has yet been made to the licensing company Natural England to extend the culls.

There was added anger from those opposing the cull this year after the Government announced there would be no Independent Expert Panel.

Last year the IEP found the culls to be inhumane and ineffective, and the Badger Trust is waiting a Court of Appeal judgement which will rule whether or not the Government has acted unlawfully by not using an IEP.

A spokesperson for Defra said: “The minimum numbers for this year’s culls have been set using the best available evidence gathered by local experts and signedoff by Defra’s chief scientist.

“All aspects of the culls are being independently audited.

“The numbers of badgers removed during the culls will be analysed, quality assured and audited before release.

“The information on safety and humaneness will also be analysed, quality assured and signed off by the Chief Veterinary Officer.

”Opponents have been out day and night to try to distract shooters. A spokesperson for Somerset Against The Badger Cull said: “During the last six weeks our members have spent uncountable hours walking the walk along the footpaths and lanes of Somerset to register their opposition.

“There’s absolutely no way that this year’s cull can be deemed a success apart from the fact that no member of the public was killed or seriously injured and we hope that today marks the end of this senseless badger cull for good.

“So far, just under 1,300 badgers have been killed in Somerset during the official culls of 2013 and 2014 in a policy labelled crazy by one of the country’s leading animal disease experts.

“And we sincerely hope that 2015 doesn’t see the resumption of badger culling in Somerset or Gloucestershire but if it does we will be out and about campaigning against the badger cull once again.”

badgers animal

badger girls 2

badgers north west hunt sabs

badgers this is