Serbia: 14/12/14 – Felix Shelter News – Your First Tank Of Gas For The Cats Has Been Delivered.

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Hi all;

Before anything we must ask you please to ensure that you have signed the petition for Sasha and his dogs.

Full info at the petition which can be found at:  

Please crosspost to anyone and everyone that you know – we have very limited time on this.

Now, here is the main issue of this post; a message from Danica that the first gas has arrived at the shelter.

Gas 1

Danica writes:

The first tank of gas purchased this winter has arrived at last, thanks to the amazing Laura Simpson, The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund, and the simply outstanding support of our friends!

Although the days are dark and gloomy, with freezing rain and a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, there’s luckily no snow yet and the gas delivery truck pulled into the shelter with no problems at all.

Our gas tank has been filled up with 1500 liters of gas, and the central heating is finally on. All of the kitties are enjoying the warmth of their home and will continue doing so over the next two and a half months! 🙂

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to express our gratitude to all of you who have all pulled together and generously contributed towards the costs of the heating fuel!


Gas 2

Gas 3

Tik tak tok 2