Serbia: Felix Shelter News 29/12/14 – Fiona Has Had Major Surgery – Can You Help With A Donation ? – Thank You.

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fiona paw amputated

Please share and help if you can!

Fiona arrived at the shelter about four years ago. She was one of 17 strays which had been living in a joint yard in my hometown where their caretaker was feeding them and taking care of them the best she could. That is until a cat hating neighbor hired two brutes to round up all of the cats, put them into bags, take them away and probably kill them.

All 17 cats found their safe haven here at the shelter and have been living nice, quiet and safe lives ever since, Fiona among them. She wasn’t exactly people friendly, understandably, but she’s mellowed a little over the years.

A few days ago she started to behave strangely, she was somehow too quiet and it turned out she had seriously hurt her left hind leg. Nobody has any idea what had happened, but her paw was smashed and the vet had no other choice but to amputate, which was done two days ago.

The costs of surgery and postoperative treatment will be huge, around the 250 euro mark (a little more than $300 USD) and with so many kitties to take care of, we simply can’t pay them off on our own.

Please, help this gorgeous girl who’s already been through so much!

Tripod cats can have full, quality lives and she will have that for sure, once she adjusts to walking on three legs.

Whatever you are able to give really means a lot for her!

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England: Debbie – A REAL Lady; A Brave lady and a dedicated fighter.


debbie purdy

Above – Debbie with musician husband Omar

As an MS sufferer of 15 years myself; I do know a little about what the illness involves.

I want to pay tribute to Debbie and Omar for their courage; tenacity and continued strength in doing what was so right for the many sick and disabled folk of the UK.

A brilliant lady – so much more in every way than the political and judicial fools that we have who often go wrongly under the title of ‘lady’..

Very much missed but always remembered.

Debbie was a REAL lady.

RIP Debbie and thanks from us all.  Omar we are thinking of you and your terrible loss at this time.

I now have to stop as I am getting very, very angry about this situation and the fact that people like Debbie had to go to court to stop her husband from being prosecuted for her killing if she decided with his help, to take her own life – the following links tell much more about this courageous lady and her husband.

Mark x

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Mark was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2000.

He is a supporter of forward looking (non animal medical) research.  Animal testing is a thing of the past and should only be in history books now – and I say that as an MS sufferer; someone who wants a cure for something; but which will not come through animal testing, as animals dont have MS; so why artificially create it in them and then attempt to find a cure using them ? – it makes no sense.   Why not find out using genetics what makes animals different from us (autoimmune illness) and why they dont get MS and yet we do ?  – that to me is progressive research; not simply cutting up animals aka big pharma.  Marks MS causes him lots of problems every single day, but he is still one of the ‘walking wounded’.  “Despite the huge problems with MS for the last 14 years, you can still live your life and above all, fight for the better treatment of animals and their welfare”.  “That is how it has been, how it is, and that is how it will continue”.