Englishman In New York.

Englishman In New York


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Serbia: Tik Is Also Very Seriously Ill, Just Like Tok. Thoughts For Them At This Time Please.

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Tik Badly ill

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix


Tik has been wasting away over the last couple of weeks even though he eats normally and I fear he won’t be able to hang in for much longer. He is just too small and too delicate, one of those angelic creatures who simply don’t belong in this world.

Something has obviously been very wrong with Tik and Tok since they were born.

Their mutual devotion is immense, they’re constantly snuggling together and it seems they’ll leave together when the time comes, maybe within days of each other.

The vet has already tried everything he possibly could and now we are waiting and hoping, but hope is rapidly fading away…

Website: http://catshelter-felix.com/

Blog: http://novisadcats.blogspot.com/

Our past links to Tok; who is also very seriously ill:

Our thoughts are with Danica at this time, and with both Tik and Tok.
















England: Introducing ‘NFWS’ – The National Fox Welfare Society.



I need to inform you about an English organisation which I have been supporting for many years.  I am a ‘Foxaholic’;  They are the ‘National Fox Welfare Society’ (NFWS).

NFWS.jpg 2

Photo – NFWS.

They have a brilliant website which ranges from giving advice and help to suffering animals – http://www.nfws.org.uk/fox-problems-fox-repellents.html ; a free cage trapping (of ick animals) service by specialist volunteers; has some brilliant T Shirts and other merchandise – http://www.nfws.org.uk/big-animal-face-t-shirts.html  ; as well as a host of other goodies.

Please visit the site at the following and see for yourself:

Website – http://www.nfws.org.uk/

Facebook –


By sending out mange treatment free of charge and offering advice on the mange treatment of any vulpine (fox) –  http://www.nfws.org.uk/fox-problems-fox-repellents.html , NFWS get a picture of where in the UK foxes are suffering from Sarcoptic Mange. NFWS want to try to do is get a monthly snap shot across the UK of the overall health of the UK fox population.

A free newsletter is also provided to supporters of the organisation.

After seeing the good and bad times of this dedicated crew, it is great to see martin’s dreams now come true – “My dream of helping foxes across the UK over 20 years ago is now a reality each and every day of the year, thank you all”.  Martin.

In their own words:

Welcome to the National Fox Welfare Society’s Website (NFWS) A site dedicated to the welfare of the UK Fox Population

Thank you for visiting our site and if you have any comments, suggestion or questions please email us here. Or send us an email at natfox@ntlworld.com .

We are a completely voluntary organisation that has been running now for over 20 years, dedicated to helping the Red Fox in the UK by providing rescues for sick and injured foxes, free treatments for foxes suffering from Sarcoptic Mange, free mange treatment advice,, cage traps for critically sick foxes though still mobile.

All our rescuers, Cage trap setters, fox cub fosterers, release site providers are all voluntary, so if you can help either financially by way of a donation or by joining our Society, this would greatly help our vital work continue. Furthermore if you are able to help hands on, please click on the appropriate link  below. In anticipation of your support, we thank you.

We at SAV support the work of this dedicated crew 110% – please visit the site and enjoy their host of excellent goodies and advice on vulpines whenever you can.

Mark (SAV).