Serbia: URGENT PETITION to Prevent Sasha’s Shelter From Being Closed By Nis Authorities. Please Sign Now and CROSSPOST TO THE WORLD. Very Little Time.

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Please note this petition is now closed:

Dear Mark,

On Dec 13, 2014, you signed the petition “450 Dogs to Be Evicted on Christmas Day – Massive International Protest”. The petition author , Laura Simpson, has now closed the petition and wanted to share this message with you:

We reached an amazing 240,000 signatures, and in the end the dogs were allowed to stay!

With just days to spare before dog catchers were scheduled to invade the sanctuary, municipal officials announced that the dogs could remain on their property for the time being. Thank you SO much for your signature. You can read about the success here:

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See also our post with the good news –  


Hi all;

You can see from the SAV link below that Sasha has now been threatened by the municipality of Nis to remove over 450 dogs from his shelter within the next few weeks.

A petition has now been set up to try and prevent this;  this is urgent – please crosspost to all your contacts – we need to make this a big response, but we have little time.

The petition link is as follows:

Petition Target: Premijer Republike Srbije, Aleksandar Vučić (Prime Minister of Serbia), Predsednik Republike Srbije Tomislav Nikolić (President of Serbia), Prof.dr Zoran Perišić (Mayor of Niš)

The petition overview / wording is as follows:

Sasa Pesic runs an absolutely breathtaking cage-free dog sanctuary in Serbia. The dogs eat, play, run and sleep together peacefully. People come from far away countries just to visit this unique place. But today Saša is facing a major crisis and the peace here is about to be shattered as the municipality of Nis has ordered the dogs to leave the sanctuary by December 25th.

Suddenly officials have decided it is more profitable to use the land for other purposes.  We stand united in our request to:

  1. STOP THE EVICTION: Immediately reverse the decision for the sanctuary dogs to be brutally rounded up by dog catchers on Christmas. Relocation for so many animals would require many months and massive costs.

    2.ASSESS THE VALUE: This shelter has independently provided food, shelter, veterinary services and care for hundreds and hundreds of strays who formerly roamed the city. All of this was done through private donations and in keeping with best practices for animal welfare. The city has benefited immensely from this free service.

    3. MAKE IT BETTER: Rather than attack the very people who are trying to resolve the suffering of stray dogs in Nis, Serbia, we ask that the government take this opportunity to help improve operations at the shelter and to strive to make it one of the first in the country to meet standards set forth by the European Union.

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The SAV link with information is as follows:

The petition link is as follows:


Thank You.



The WORLD WILL BE INFORMED until Serbia changes its ways with animals !

SAV Links to past Nis city actions – dogs drowned and then hung from trees – (please see photographs below) – these are the people we are dealing with here.  Ask yourself – Serbia – EU candidate – do you want politicians who authorise this in the EU ????

Does the EU want to gain this kind of reputation ? – it will if it allows Serbia to join without implementing animal welfare legislation which does exist.  The government and authorities conveniently ignore it.

So instead, we will remind you (and them) of what they have done in Nis in recent years:


All the above information is being provided to EU Enlargement Commission first thing on 15/12/14, to show them the situation they are dealing with in Nis.