Serbia: You Can Donate To Felix Shelter Via The Harmony Fund – Please Read On:

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The Harmony Fund

The Harmony Fund offers a lifeline to so called “underdog” animal rescue squads across the planet. Our partners are the small but incredibly courageous and effective animal rescue teams who operate in parts of the world where funding is very hard to come by. Our supporters are helping us to dramatically impact the capacity of these rescue teams to touch thousands upon thousands of animals who might otherwise be unreachable.

Gratitude and respect are at the cornerstone of our relationship with our supporters. We do not expose our supporters to graphic photos of animal suffering or distribute dire forecasts about animal suffering. Instead we focus on a spirit of joy and determination as we pursue essential operations to provide food, veterinary medicine, shelter and protection from cruelty for animals worldwide.

Danica Mirkovic cares for over a hundred rescued cats, all taken from the streets of Serbia. Most of them have experienced great physical trauma. They know what its like to be cold, really cold, and most face chronic health vulnerability due to their former life. Do you think we can surprise this sanctuary with a delivery of fuel? PLEASE READ DANICA’s PLEA:


“We’re in a deep crisis. We’re desperately trying to raise $2,300 for the first tank of gas needed for the heat. We’re freezing in the meantime. We have no money to purchase heating fuel, and according to the weather forecast, a severe drop in temperature, violent winds and icy rains are coming in this week.

If we don’t succeed in raising the funds for the first tank of gas before snow comes, it’s possible that the gas truck won’t be able to push its way through because the snow usually makes most of the roads in this region impassable.

Harmony Fund was the first organization that has ever helped us significantly and frankly, I have no idea who else to turn to. When the snow starts to fly, we’ll be cut off from the rest of the world just like we’ve been every single winter so far. Without proper heating, it’s questionable how many kitties will manage to survive the upcoming long, cold months and live to see another spring. It’s a dire emergency and without your help, I doubt there’s much hope for any of us here” – Danica Mirkovic, Felix Cat Shelter

All donations today will be earmarked for keeping the cats warm. We’ll post an update tonight to let you know how much has been raised for the cats. Thank you and please SHARE.


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