Netherlands: A Video Message From Our Friend Lesley At ‘Eyes On Animals’; Netherlands – Re Turkish Slaughterhouse Campaigning.




Hi all;

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I have had the pleasure of working with Lesley on some live transport investigation work in the past.

She is a wonderful person.

The following is a video link which has been set up by Lesley who runs ‘Eyes on Animals’ based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The link to the video is:

Mark has worked with Lesley several times before regarding the transport of live animals within the EU.  You can read more about the investigation report which was produced in 2010 by visiting    – scroll down past the many photos of livestock transporters at Dover, England – the section starts:

“During 2010 – In addition to the daily running of SAV, Mark worked with the same Dutch investigator friends at ‘Eyes on Animals’   , as well as with Animals’ Angels,en_ORG.html  and PMAF  to produce a 125 page investigation report for the EU Legal Affairs team in Brussels, Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) and UK Parliamentarians, a report which investigated live animal (calves) transport between certain, specific (EU) member states”

Mark and Lesley have put a lot of effort into the improvement of conditions for animals in transport within the EU.  Clearer signage for emergency rescue and the fitment of much larger access doors on all livestock trailers has also been a very important issue which has been campaigned for.

Here are a few links from the past:

The importance of good access to animals during road transport – also here you can access a link to the EoA report on the importance of access during transport:

A report on chicken welfare at loading and during transportation: 

Horrific conditions in the EU export of farm animals to Turkey:

The message from Lesley to go with her new video re Turkish slaughterhouses is as follows:

Dear friends of Eyes on Animals

I have made a video-message that I would like to show you. The video is about our efforts in Turkey.

We regularly send our teams to Turkey to try and help improve the conditions inside the slaughterhouses there. And we have had really promising success, particularly with a change of attitude among the slaughter workers and Ministry of Agriculture inspectors.

In my video, I explain further about our work there. My dear colleagues and I would really appreciate it if you watch it, so that you can see how urgent our efforts are there and what impact we have had so far.

The link to the video is:

I have to warn you, some of the footage is disturbing. But it shows what the animals have to go through, and what the inspectors from Eyes on Animals are trying to change.

When you have watched the video-message, please would you consider making a donation towards this project? We would so very much appreciate it, because we really need to continue working on this project for at least another 4 years in order to bring about long-lasting change. Together, we can really reduce the suffering of animals at Turkish slaughterhouses!

Eyes on Animals bank account information:
IBAN: NL73TRIO0212364219
Triodos Bank
Zeist, Nederland

On behalf of everyone at Eyes on Animals, I wish you peaceful and happy winter holidays,


Lesley Moffat

Directeur en inspecteur Eyes on Animals

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Read more SAV posts in relation to EoA work in Turkey:

Regards Mark