Serbia: 19/12/14 – Little Tok Is Very Sick – A Matter Of Time.

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Tok 19 Dec 14


Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Little Tok is not doing well and sadly it seems we’re losing her.

She’s still eating and cuddling, she likes to be held, but she is getting weaker by the day. Her fur has become bristly, she is at least two times smaller than her healthy litter mates and knowing that FIP is a terminal diagnosis, all of us doubt there’s much hope left.

We’ve already tried everything we could possibly do to make her feel better, to no avail and now it’s just a matter of days, maybe even hours until she lets go.

We never gave up, she’s been trying so hard and the very best she could for weeks, but it looks like she simply lacks the strength to fight anymore.

At least she got to know how it feels to be pampered, fed and loved, if only for a short time.

So very sorry, little sweetie.



Serbia: 19/12/14 – New ‘Nani’ Photographs – We Want Her Freed Or The Campaign Moves Into The Next Phase Very Soon.

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Nani 19 Dec1

We are releasing a few pictures of Nani in her current ‘facility’.

We are not going to say where this is at present as negotiations to release her are continuing.

All we can say to those involved is look at the international support that has been obtained for the Sasha shelter petition:

Over 157,000 signatures obtained globally in less than 1 week !!

The eyes of the world are on Serbia and how it moves (or not) regarding animal welfare.

There could be a global follow up re Nani if things remain unchanged, just as we have seen with the Sasha shelter.

Despite a letter from the EU Enlargement Commission to the Serbian authorities suggesting very much that they enter into dialogue with NGO’s; there still appears to be very little movement on this front.

We have had NO correspondence from the Serbian authorities.

We have the latest information on Nani deer, and will be publishing more very soon if we have no release news or any further dialogue information.

Nani2 19 Dec

Serbia: 19/12/14 – Felix News – Early Catnip Pressies !!

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felix 18 dec3


Look what we have here ! 

We’ve just been pleasantly surprised with early Christmas gifts, a box full of awesome catnip toys!

felix 18 dec 1

The kitties are still a bit confused and don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to do with them, it’s been ages since the last time they smelled catnip, but they’re very interested and will soon find out how magnificent their gifts really are!

Thank you so much, Claire! These are probably the most wonderful gifts the Felix kitties will receive this Christmas!

felix 18 dec2

Purrs and wet nose kisses heading your way