USA: Bear Baiting is STILL Allowed in South Carolina, USA !!


Bear baiting is allowed in South Carolina, USA.

It’s a shame for our beautiful country!

Published on May 20, 2014

We normally see bear baiting in under developed countries like Pakistan and others. It is a shame and it is against Islam. See what the Glorious Quran and Islamic Texts say about this:…. I’ve criticized it strongly in the past.

But to my surprise, bear baiting is also allowed in South Carolina, USA. It’s a shame that even in the United States of America, such animal cruelty is allowed in one of its states.

You’d think that the USA is the leading example for the entire world as it should be. And the USA for the most part is indeed a good and beautiful leading example.

But this evil practice of animal abuse is something that stains the image of our great country.






Alexander Archipelago wolf


 A unique Alaskan wolf species is being driven extinct by the clearcutting of its old-growth forest home. These same forests trap enormous amounts of carbon, slowing down global warming.

The federal government is considering listing this wolf as an “endangered species” to save it from reckless logging and hunting. This will also help slow global warming.

Alaska is home to some of the last, best old-growth forest on Earth.

By saving the forest we can save our climate too.

Please sign the petition below urging the government to protect the wolf and its old-growth forest home.






Vegan Activist DESTROYS Ignorant Reporter.

Vegan Activist DESTROYS Ignorant Reporter

Published on 14 Feb 2014

Gary Yourofsky, Animal Rights Activist, discusses common questions about veganism in this brief interview from Israeli Prime Time TV.

And destroys the ignorant reporter in the process!

Visit Gary’s website

Ol London Town; Paradise; and Wolves !

Enjoy the firework display in Ol’ London Town from last night – 31st December 2014:

In addition; we have been sent these excellent videos from Vesna in Serbia.

I am sure you will find the footage absolutely fantastic – as a self confessed ‘wolf a holic’; I especially love the wolf video.  Does this not show that these beautiful animals need to have protection from the guns of man ? – this video further increases my determination to help in the fight to get respect and justice for these animals.

America; if you kill them all off and hunt them to extinction, then there are some very serious questions to answer for future generations.

Watch the amazing videos here:

Conquest of paradise:

wyoming wolf

Dance of wolves:

Thanks Vesna.

Regards Mark.