England: Hillside Rescued Animal At Winter Wonderland.


There have been a lot of very depressing videos and news here recently; some things like little Tak passing away cannot be resolved as much as it is wanted; other things could be greatly resolved if some of the politicians who are able to make the change in Serbia came out from hiding behind their desks and acted to stop cruelty !

So we are giving a link to a much better video here – it is one we have shown before, but it is always great to see the excellent work of the Hillside crew up in Norfolk, here in England; feeding and taking care of the hundreds of rescued farm animals which they have at the sanctuary.

And it is the right time of year to see this, with snow on the ground in many parts of the UK.

Enjoy watching the recued animals having fun in the snow !


All funded as a charity by donations from great folk who like to see animals being cared for.


Hillside website – http://www.hillside.org.uk/

Serbia: News From Felix Shelter 23/1 – Little Tak Has Passed Away.

Serbian  Flag



Tak passing

From Danica;

It’s with utmost sorrow and profound grief that we sadly announce the passing of our gorgeous little boy Tak.

Although we knew he didn’t stand a chance against the deadliest cat virus there is, a tiny glimmer of hope persisted almost until the end. Even if only one in a million is strong and lucky enough to win this losing battle, maybe he could’ve been that one? Sadly, FIP has claimed yet another angel…

Not so long ago, Tak was a joyous and sparkling kitty boy, full of life and loved to bits. But once the first symptoms of the most feared cat disease showed up, the decline was rapid and all of his youthful vigor disappeared at a frightening rate.

Only the sparkle in his big, bright eyes remained the same until the end.

Fly free now, my little sweetie. You’ll purr forever in our hearts.


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