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Emaciated, missing limbs, some near blind, others with open wounds, all starving – these are the animal collateral of Vietnam’s cruel bear bile industry.

Help us force the farmer who profited for years from these poor bears to hand them over to Animals Asia for urgent medical care and rehabilitation.

Sign the petition and ask the Vietnamese government to remove the bears from the farm so Animals Asia can give them the care they deserve.


We believe the bears of Cau Trang Farm in Halong Bay have suffered enough.  Please intervene and allow Animals Asia to rescue them. Then they can start their rehabilitation and live out their years in a sanctuary with all the care they deserve.

Vietnam has made great strides in defeating bear bile farming.  As demand for bear bile dwindles we believe we must all do what we can to help the victims of the trade and ensure the bears suffer no more.

Any subsequent delays could further endanger the lives of these very sick bears.  We urge a swift, humane resolution to this problem.

Thank You.

Dr Tuan Bendixsen,
Animals Asia Vietnam Director


Animals Asia was founded in 1998 and is devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam.







Indonesia / England: After a Year Inside a Chicken Cage, a Baby Orangutan Gets a Second Chance.



After a Year Inside a Chicken Cage, a Baby Orangutan Gets a Second Chance


Kept as a pet in Ketapang, Indonesia, the undersize ape was given only condensed milk for the first 10 months of his life.

January 24, 2015 By Kristina Bravo

Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Watch the video here:

Budi the orangutan had a rough start on life, but thanks to an animal rescue group in Indonesia, things are looking up.

The ape arrived at an orangutan rescue center in Borneo, Indonesia, in December. His former owners, who kept him as a pet in a chicken cage, had called the authorities after he became sick.

“The owner said that she was afraid to give Budi any fruits and thought that giving condensed milk would be sufficient,” Ayu Handayani, a veterinarian for the International Animal Rescue, said in a statement.

It took the rescue team 10 hours by boat and road to bring Budi to IAR’s rescue center, where he was found to be suffering from severe malnutrition and anemia. The lack of protein in his diet also made his body swell up with fluid.

Budi is old enough to climb trees, according to IAR program director Karmele Sanchez, but he can’t fully move his limbs and can only sit up for short periods.

“We cannot even imagine how much pain this small baby has suffered,” said Sanchez. “His eyes fill with tears every time he’s moved by the doctors, and he screams in pain. It’s really amazing that Budi has been able to survive this long.”

Endemic in Borneo, orangutan populations have plummeted over 50 percent during the past six decades. The clearing of swaths of trees for palm plantations has forced many orangutans toward developed areas, where they’re hunted for meat or in retaliation for destroying crops. When their mothers are caught (female orangutans are known to share a strong bond with their young), the babies are often kept or sold as pets.

While the species’ fate depends on consumers worldwide—half the products found in American grocery store aisles contain palm oil—Budi’s rescuers are optimistic.

“With good nutrition, supplements, and therapy from the medical team, we hope he will continue to improve,” said Sanchez.

To read more on Budi’s progress, and to make a donation to help with keeping Budi progressing, go to:

International Animal Rescue – UK Office – Headquarters


Lime House
Regency Close
East Sussex, TN22 1DS


Telephone: 01825 767688

Serbia: Time is very much running out and funds are short – PLEASE we need to get this sorted !

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Serbia; URGENT NEED HELP FOR 16 DOGS !!!!!! | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)// // //

help 16 dogs 

Time is very much running out and funds are short – PLEASE we need to get this sorted !   







Vietnam: Cats Intended for Eating Saved from Truck in Vietnam — Tell Authorities Not to Kill Them!

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Vietnam cats

Breaking News – 2047hrs UK time 5/2/15

Demand justice for thousands of seized cats in Vietnam buried alive!

New petition Link:

Update #1 February 4, 2015 full update ▾

Hanoi officials have now announced that the cats were crushed to death before burrial.

The 3 tonnes of cats, still in their bamboo cages, were crushed with a truck. The officials claimed they did this to stop the spread of disease.

About this Petition

Last week, authorities in Hanoi intercepted thousands of live cats (three tons) that were illegally smuggled in from China for human consumption.

While it is illegal to consume cats in Vietnam, the underground cat meat trade is big business. Every week, thousands of cats are smuggled into the country for human consumption. Regulations mandate that all smuggled goods confiscated by authorities must be destroyed. However, animal protection organizations were urging Hanoi officials to turn the cats over to them instead.

Unfortunately, this heartfelt plea fell on deaf ears. On February 2, 2015, police forces announced that all cats have been buried. It is unknown whether the cats were killed before being buried or not. Hunter Shaffer, Chief Investigative Officer with the Global Conservation Group says they are disappointed with the actions of the Vietnam government.

Because authorities do not have the resources to humanely euthanize all the cats, Shaffer says police likely buried the cats alive. The group also wrote an open letter to the Vietnam Ambassador in the United States condemning their actions.

In the year 2015, this type of animal abuse on such a large scale is simply unacceptable. Please sign and share this important petition urging authorities to change their animal handling policies to prevent another tragedy from occurring again.

Vietnam U.S. Embassy:

Phone Number:(202) 861-0737
Email Address:


Our original post:

Cats Intended for Eating Saved from Truck in Vietnam —

Tell Authorities Not to Kill Them!

Petition link –

Cat meat, known in Vietnam as “little tiger,” is officially banned in the country.

However, it’s increasingly becoming a delicacy in the country. Authorities recently seized a truck full of thousands of cats destined “for consumption” in the country, which were being smuggled from China. The story seems unbelievable, but was reported by the well-established AFP wire service.

A police officer said that according to Vietnamese law, smuggled goods will be “destroyed.

Please sign the petition to ask the Hanoi Police Department to ensure the cats are sent to a shelter or sanctuary and are not killed!

These cats are living beings. They deserve a good life, and shouldn’t be treated as any other smuggled good, but rather with care and affection.

Sign the petition to help save the lives of these cats!

Thank you.