UK RESIDENTS ONLY – How to Take Part In the Big Garden Birdwatch – 24 / 25 January.


garden bird 1

Note – this event is for UK residents only.

This weekend (24-25 January) is the weekend for the annual RSPB – Royal Society for the Protection of Birds big garden birdwatch.

For 1 hour anytime over the weekend; you can record all the birds that visit your garden.

At the end, complete the form which can be downloaded from the link given above or below, and enter the numbers of each bird species which you have seen within the hour you select.

Freepost the completed form back to the RSPB who will then be able to use your data along with thousands other to build up a national picture of bird species in the UK.

For lots more info and your form, please visit the following :

This download will provide you with all the information you need for your 1 hour birdwatch in your garden.

Its easy and it is free – and it helps the RSPB to get an accurate picture of birds located throughout the UK.

Note – this Big Garden Birdwatch must be completed during the weekend of 24/25 January.

Good luck and happy watching !!

garden bird 2

This post will be removed at the end of January 2015.