USA: Woman Drowns Puppy In Airport Toilet – Petition and 2 Others.

Please sign the petition and urge the authorities to treat this case with the

Woman drowned puppy in airport toilet after not being allowed to go on board with animal!

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puppy drown woman

Workers from Nebraska airport refused to let a woman board the plane with a three-week old puppy concealed in one of her bags.

So the woman went to a nearby bathroom and drowned the pooch in the toilet bowl.

56-year-old Cynthia Anderson was immediately book and charged.

Evidence suggests the woman first tried to board a plane two days before with three puppies that did not have a cage; she was denied access on board. Two of the dogs where turned over to her parents, so the woman returned to the airport with the remaining one, hidden in a carry-on bag. After being denied on board yet again, she decided to drown the Doberman puppy.

The puppy was taken to the Humane Society, where it was discovered that the puppy had significant amount of water in one of its lungs.

Please sign the petition and urge the authorities to treat this case with the utmost importance and apply the maximum penalty available, in addition to a ban on owning dogs ever again. This woman is nothing but a danger to every pet nearby and has to be punished accordingly for her deeds.

Help make sure this woman will receive a stiff jail term!



End Bobcat Trapping in California

author: Center for Biological Diversity

target: California Fish and Game Commission


Over the past few years, a rising demand for bobcat pelts in China and Russia has driven up fur prices and caused a boom in bobcat trapping in California. As a result, trappers have been targeting the boundaries of national parks — luring the cats out of these safe havens and into their deadly snares and cages.

Fortunately California’s legislature passed the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 to protect our parks and wildlife from such commercial exploits. And yet the problem continues because trapping continues in other parts of the state, and because the law has yet to be truly enforced.

The California Fish and Game Commission is tasked with this rulemaking, and one option it is now seriously considering is a statewide ban on all bobcat trapping. But the commission will only choose that option if they hear loud and clear that we value our wildlife alive — not trapped, killed, skinned and exported to be worn as fur coats in Moscow or Beijing.

Take action — urge the commission to protect these ecologically important California natives by banning all bobcat trapping throughout the state.


Save Injured Elephant

Target: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s administrator Kevin Shea

Goal: Stop forcing an injured elephant to perform circus acts that endanger her health.

An elephant named Nosey is being forced to perform week after week for the Liebel Family Circus, despite her crippling injuries and numerous complaints made to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Nosey is beginning to show signs of severe arthritis and needs to be taken off the road immediately.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been investigating the situation and even met with USDA officials, but the officials dismissed PETA’s concerns without even checking on Nosey first. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s administrator, Kevin Shea, refused to enforce the Animal Welfare Act to protect Nosey, despite admitting that he was not familiar with her situation.

More than 160,000 people wrote to the USDA to demand that they take action to protect Nosey, in addition to PETA submitting their own documentation stating the horrible condition that Nosey is in. Despite all of this, the USDA’s only response was to say that it is “not [the agency’s] job” to physically examine animals.

Nosey needs proper treatment in order to get better and she will only get worse by being continually pushed to perform circus acts. Please sign the petition below to force the USDA to take action and protect Nosey.


Dear Mr. Shea,

I am writing to urge you to take action and save the circus elephant named Nosey from suffering worse injuries, by taking her off the road and by revoking the license of the Liebel Family Circus. Nosey is currently being pushed too hard and being forced to ignore her crippling injuries that will only get worse with time.

It is disheartening to hear that you dismissed the complaints of over 160,000 people, and PETA’s documentation stating the severity of Nosey’s injuries. These are not issues to be taken lightly and the Animal Welfare Act must be enforced in this situation. It is unethical to make circus animals perform even when they are healthy, but to force an animal to perform under duress is extremely unethical. The Liebel Family Circus needs to have their license revoked for such irresponsible behavior, otherwise this sets a dangerous precedent for other circus’s to push their animals to the limit for a profit.

Please do the right thing and address the situation accordingly. Nosey does not deserve to be pushed to such limits and needs to be taken off the road.









Global: Latest News From The Animal Food and Farm Industry.

down on the farm

Minnesota Hen Slaughter Exposé: Birds Abused, Scalded Alive Daily

Investigation Is First in Nation of “Spent” Egg-Laying Hen Slaughter Plant

Author/Organization: Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Year: 2015

Where: United States of America

Eurogroup welcomes importation ban of horsemeat from Mexico

The European Commission has banned the importation of horsemeat from Mexico following a series of audits by the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO), which identified significant traceability problems with horses slaughtered for export to the EU that had originated in Mexico and the United States.

Author/Organization: Eurogroup for Animals

Year: 2014

Where: Mexico, United States of America

Final report of an audit carried out in the United Kingdom from 29 April to 09 May 2014 in order to evaluate the animal welfare controls in place at slaughter and during related operations

This report describes the outcome of a Food and Veterinary Office audit in the United Kingdom from 29 April to 9 May 2014 to evaluate the effectiveness of controls in ensuring animals are spared any avoidable pain, distress or suffering during their killing and related operations, as required by Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009. The report concludes that Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009 is not yet being implemented in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, there are good official controls to ensure that in the main animals are spared any avoidable pain, distress or suffering during their killing and related operations, and Competent Authorities are developing tools and procedures to adapt the system of official controls to the requirements of the mentioned Regulation. Business operators, especially the large ones who are bound by industry standards, do ensure standards of animal welfare which are largely equivalent to the Regulation. The main animal welfare problem is that poultry is slaughtered after passing through an electric waterbath stunner using parameters below those prescribed in the Regulation. This happened because new requirements were not yet enforced by competent authorities and because official veterinarians did not correctly understand how this equipment worked. In addition, this slaughter was as prescribed by a religious rite which could derogate from pre slaughter stunning. The Competent Authority indicated its intention to address this problem when implementing the Regulation and to enforce the minimum parameters also for slaughter prescribed by a religious rite. The report makes a number of recommendations to the authorities of the United Kingdom to address the deficiencies noted.

Author/Organization: European Commission (DG SANCO)

Year: 2014

Where: United Kingdom

Banksy New York animal truck

Joint Declaration Aims to Push EU Further on Animal Welfare

Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands have issued a joint declaration on animal welfare, calling on the European Union to improve further animal welfare for those species where there are already regulations and to extend it to include others.

Author/Organization: The Pig Site

Year: 2014

Where: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands

Welfare Campaigners Urge Cage-free Eggs Sales in California

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is urging food retailers to sell only non-cage eggs in response to the the latest California egg law.

Author/Organization: The Poultry Site

Year: 2014

Where: United States of America

Californian egg welfare ruling comes into effect

As of January 1st 2015, egg producers in the US state of California need to comply with the requirements of California’s Proposition 2 , which voters passed in 2008. The initiative, backed by animal rights activists, was designed to move farmers away from traditional battery cages for laying hens.

Author/Organization: World Poultry

Year: 2015

Where: United States of America|worldpoultry|2015-01-05|Californian_egg_welfare_ruling_comes_into_effect

batt hens

NewStream Top 10: Popular farm animal care stories last year

As we kick off our coverage of the farm animal care sector in 2015, here’s a look back on some of the key stories that generated buzz and interest last year. They provide a collective window on many of the trends and developments driving change that will produce major ripples in the months ahead.

Author/Organization: Meristem Land & Science

Year: 2015

What’s in a label? Understanding animal welfare claims

Food labels that emphasize how animals are treated and cared for on the farm or ranch are popping up in grocery stores across the United States, but that does not mean that these labels are easy for consumers to understand, says Heidi Carroll, South Dakota State University Extension livestock stewardship associate.

Author/Organization: National HogFarmer

Year: 2015

Where: United States of America

Californians vote to give layer hens more room while Australian industry considers animal welfare standards

Australian egg farmers say they are closely monitoring a consumer-driven overhaul of the Californian egg production system, as it launches a review of its own industry standards.

Author/Organization: ABC Rural

Year: 2015

Where: Australia, United States of America

 BT JG 68

Cows’ ear positions tell us how they’re feeling, study finds

Our new study on cow behaviour indicates that cows reveal their emotional state by the posture of their ears.

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Temple Grandin: Animal Welfare Begins on the Farm

The big issues of animal welfare today are on the farm, not in the slaughterhouse, famed animal-care expert Temple Grandin told the American Farm Bureau Federation here Sunday as she accepted an award for her contributions to American agriculture.

Author/Organization: National Journal

Year: 2015

 free range 2

European Commission sets out position on food safety and animal welfare in TTIP papers

The European Commission (EC) published a series of legal texts and position papers, setting out EU proposals in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations with the US.

Author/Organization: GlobalMeat

Year: 2015

Denmark Leads the Way for Animal Welfare

As Denmark is becoming a leader in animal welfare, agriculture minister, Dan Jørgensen, has announced a major international conference.

Author/Organization: The Pig Site

Year: 2014

Where: Denmark


Member States sign Joint Declaration and commit to work to actively improve animal welfare

Eurogroup for Animals welcomes the Animal Welfare Declaration signed yesterday in Vught by Sharon Dijksma, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture; Christian Schmidt, the German Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture and Dan Jørgensen, the Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. This initiative calls on the European Commission and all Member States to acknowledge the need for better regulation, better animal welfare and to promote awareness, EU standards and knowledge in order to #Act4Animals.

Author/Organization: Eurogroup for Animals

Year: 2014

A farm-built code for animal care

This family believes their responsibility starts on their farm

Author/Organization: Meristem Land & Science

Year: 2014

Death and the goddess: The world’s biggest ritual slaughter

Motilal Kushwaha had promised the Hindu goddess Gadhimai that he would offer her a male goat if one of his children found a job.

Author/Organization: CNN

Year: 2014

Where: Nepal


Ground-breaking Animal Protection Index assesses animal welfare around the world

Our new Animal Protection Index judges 50 countries on their policy and legislation for animals, identifying where improvements can be made to protect animals and people

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

WTO is Biggest Threat to Global Progress on Animal Welfare

The World Trade Organization is blocking attempts to improve animal welfare laws around the globe.

Author/Organization: Care2

Year: 2014

Alarming Rise of Antibiotic Resistance in Europe

Antibiotic resistance in Europe has increased in the past years to the point that now constitutes a serious risk to public health.

Author/Organization: The Meat Site

Year: 2014





Serbia: News From Felix 28/1/15 – Fiona and Morgan Doing Fine – New Morgan Video Footage.

Serbian  Flag



fiona paw amputated

fiona 28 feb

Fiona finally seems to be doing well at last.

Her second surgery was successful and the stitches have just been removed.

She looks a lot more cheerful after the protective collar she’s been wearing for days has been taken off.

Walking on three legs is obviously not a problem for her, she’s gotten accustomed to it pretty quickly. She’s still being kept in the cage for the main reason of her own safety, as she just might get re-injured if she starts to jump around before she’s completely ready.

Long story short, we dare to hope her story will have a happy ending after all.


Above – Morgan – Earlier Times – at the vets!

morgan 28 feb

Latest pose for the camera

Morgan’s not a kitten anymore, although he’s running and playing as if he is.

He’s grown a lot, put on some weight and is already a teenager, just like that!

He doesn’t seem to have any problems now, but considering his terrible reaction to the general anesthesia during the surgery performed a couple of months ago, we can’t be sure he’s completely healthy.

However, he’s obviously enjoying life now and we take a lot of delight in his happiness 🙂


Never stop having fun! – Video

England / Serbia: 28/1/15 – Update News on Serbian Animal Fighting Videos – SAV Work With MEP To Inform Enlargement Commissioner Of Failures In ‘The Rule of Law’ Enforcement.



Regarding our recent very disturbing post associated with organised animal fighting In Serbia:

We immediately followed up (this week) regarding the very disturbing videos and have been in contact with Green Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for South East England – Mr Keith Taylor.  Keith has supported and worked with us in the past regarding Serbian stray dog issue – he is a dedicated animal welfare MEP:

In written response to us on 26/1/15; we have now been informed by Keith’s constituency office in the European Parliament, Brussels, that Keith will most probably now be writing to EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn very soon about this issue and as a result, Serbia’s joining of the EU.

The above first link gives a lot more info on what we are campaigning about.

We have informed Brussels that we are fully prepared to assist Keith with the construction of any letter if required; but we do also feel that we have supplied a lot of info and video links for him to forward to Commissioner Hahn.

Keith as always, as a dedicated animal welfare MEP, we are certain, will help us in raising this important subject of Serbian animal fighting with both the Enlargement Commissioner and also with other EU MEP’s.

We are currently waiting too hear back from Keith’s office in Brussels on the next stage, but we are always free to assist should it be necessary.  Further news will be posted on this site as and when we are able to further update.

keith taylor 2

Keith runs an e newsletter associated with animal welfare.

To sign up for this free e publication, just mail to the following:

IMPORTANTPlease ensure that you put ‘INFO’ as the subject header of your e mail; and nothing else.

Send your mail to: –  be sure to put INFO as the subject header.

keith taylor 1

Once again our thanks go to Keith for his support and help.

UK: Welfare concerns raised by the British Veterinary Association over use of non-stun killing methods



SAV Comment – we support the BVA on this issue 110%.  The UK is a county that abides by EU law (except for ‘religion’ (?) and stuns all animals prior to slaughter.  There should be no exemption for religious purposes.  In the UK, do what the UK wants – ALL animals stunned prior to slaughter.  Or much better still – ditch the meat and go veggie or vegan !


Vets call on Welsh Government not to spend taxpayers’ cash on North Wales halal abattoir

12:58, 26 January 2015

By Sally Williams

Welfare concerns raised by the British Veterinary Association over use of non-stun killing methods

Vets are urging the Welsh Government to end talks with a company that has been approved to deliver non-stun slaughter at a halal abattoir in Wales.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is particularly concerned that the Welsh Government is considering using public money to support the company, without prioritising the welfare of the animals.

Rebecca Evans, Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, confirmed in correspondence with the BVA, that Cig Menai Cymru abattoir in Caernarfon, owned by Birmingham-based halal meat suppliers Pak Mecca Meats, has been approved by the Food Standards Agency to carry out controversial non-stun killing.

But Rob Davies, president of the BVA Welsh Branch, said the Welsh Government had failed to answer questions about whether or not they are willing to give financial support to a company which undertakes and promotes non-stun killing as a marketing tool.

Mr Davies said: “It seems that animal welfare is not a concern for the Deputy Minister in this particular discussion.

“BVA calls upon the Welsh Government to state clearly that it will not spend public money on abattoirs which don’t stun animals before killing them. I would appeal to Welsh farmers to consider the damage done to the image and reputation of Welsh meat if they knowingly take or send animals to an abattoir which doesn’t stun before killing.

Welsh meat must be welfare-friendly from birth to slaughter. ”

Current law in Wales requires animals to be stunned before slaughter but exemptions exist for animals killed for certain faith communities.

BVA is calling on the Welsh Government to end these exemptions and claims the Government also failed to give details of the species or throughput in the abattoir, without which a proper assessment cannot be made about how much meat is being used for religious practice and how much is entering the general food chain.

John Blackwell, BVA president, said: “BVA advocates that all animals which enter an abattoir be stunned before being killed; this view is based on scientific evidence that shows that non-stun slaughter allows animals to perceive pain.

“Concern about welfare of animals at slaughter is a priority not only for our members but also the general public, with the BVA’s Government e-petition reaching more than 95,000 signatures.

“This is a clear signal that the Welsh Government is out of touch with the public on this issue.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “The welfare of animals is a priority for the Welsh Government, as demonstrated by Mrs Evans’ Animal Health and Welfare Framework introduced in July 2014.

“We have implemented European Commission Regulation 1099/2009 on protection of animals at time of killing.”

 halal camel

Petition stop halal.

Petition wording

Whether halal process of animal slaughtering for commercial purpose is valid?

Spread over an area of over 17 acres the plant has Adequate chillers, blast freezers, Mechanized and Hygienic Processing Area conforming to high and Stringent Quality Standards. Strategically located near IGI Airport New Delhi, chilled and frozen sheep / goat Meat can be airlifted at short notice The AL nafees group has added to Its fold a new ultra modern Integrated sheep and goat plant at Nooh, Distt. Mewat (Haryana)The abattoir is fitted with imported Italian line having a capacity of Slaughtering and processing of 1500 Animals per day, claimed by the Al Nafees Proteins Pvt. Ltd on its website, where as its slaughter house in Satakpuri, On the eve of World Environment Day, being an member of State Committee for Slaughter House (Govt. of Haryana) I have visited the said slaughter house and found that two adult sheep’s leg were broken during their cruel shifting in goods transport vehicles, which is the violation of the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001 read with the Haryana Motor Vehicle Rules, 1993 section 94, two small lamb was also seen in the lairage, sheep’s were being killed adopting hallal process and it was being done in the presence of many alive sheep’s, I have got photographs with hidden camera, hence this is the violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001 (Copy of this rule is attached here with for ready reference), 6. Slaughter – (1) No animal shall be slaughtered in a slaughter house in sight of other animals, where as this slaughter house is duly recognized by the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board. My recommendations: 1. Shut down the slaughter house after lodging FIR against the management, official responsible and rescue all abused animals. 2. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter house) Rules, 2001 read with the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001 and Haryana Motor Vehicle Rules, 1993 section 94 be strictly implemented, where as FIR No. 145 dated June 5, 2013 was also lodged with the Police station, Bhondsi in Gurgaon rescuing 170 sheep’s, while going to Satakpuri on June 5, 2013. Animal can be shifted as per their shape and size. 3. Close circuit camera be installed to check the animal abuse since transportation to slaughter the animals. 4. SPCA’s, Infirmaries, State Animal Welfare Board, State and District Committees for Slaughter Houses should be effectively managed. 5. The National Cattle Commission report, 2002 be implemented and cow progeny be declared as National domestic animals of India. 6. Camels, cow progeny slaughter be banned in India, where as transportation of camels rules may kindly be introduced with the breeding protocol for Emu and Rabbits. 7. Poultry needs attention, since hatchery to slaughter, the Govt. of Haryana issued advisory for Poultry farms be implemented strictly, all illegal slaughter houses be crack down at once, concerned officials be charge sheeted for any violation of the above said legislation’s.

Halal meat

Links to some of our (SAV) past posts regarding Halal and ‘religious’ slaughter:

 ritual slaughter logo