Serbia: 4/1/15 – Little ‘Tik’ Has Passed Away – But Ended Life As A Happy, Loved, Warm and Well Fed Little Cat.

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Tik Jan 15


SAV Comment – As Danica says below; not the start to a new year that anyone wants.  But saying this, we know that as you can see, little Tik finally got to know love, warmth and a tummy full of food, all thanks to Danica who has to be admired by us all for her dedication to helping felines in Serbia. 

Below we are showing some pictures of Tik when being cared for by Felix shelter.

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

We all strongly hoped that this year would not begin with heartbreak but sadly, our wonderful and audacious little Tik gave up the ultimate struggle for life.

He was just too small and too weak and he ultimately came to the point where his exhausted body simply couldn’t carry on. Possibly he got tired of fighting a desperate but apparently hopeless fight that seemed to last forever, and it was easier for him to just let go.

He fought the hardest he could, we did everything we could, but sometimes not even everything is good enough.

Fly free now, my sweet little angel, I know we’ll meet again one day 😦


Tik Badly ill

Tik bandadge removed

Tik felix 6 dec

Tik tak tok 1

Tik xmas day