Serbia: Felix Shelter News 1/2/15 – When It Rains, It Pours. But Eventually The Sun Will Shine !

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SAV Comment – As Danica says below, ‘when it rains it pours’.  She (Felix shelter) have lost so many beautiful cats over the last few weeks, you have to ask when they are all going to get a decent break that works for them rather than what seems (at the moment) to always be working against them.

Danica and Jasna work so utterly hard to give the very best for all their shelter cats – they do not deserve all the problems that appear to be queuing up for them at present.  But saying this; we know that every cat which has passed over the bridge can look back and thank shelter Felix for providing them with a safe warm haven home; with lots of good food; and most importantly with the medical attention and love that they very much needed.  Danica must be proud of what she is doing; although at sad times like this the world does often appear to be against you.

It is not, and we support Danica 110%.  We hope you do to; and will send her messages of support with her excellent work for all our little feline buddies.  One day, and we don’t know when; the government and authorities will realise that animals are sentient beings just like us; and those animals will, through them and their better understanding,be given care, compassion and the respect that they deserve; just as those lucky ones at shelter Felix are getting every day now.

When it rains it pours but in the end; the sun always appears to bring brightness and better feelings to an overcast situation.  This will happen very soon at Felix shelter.  Danica has put so much effort into the facility, that there is only one way that it can go now – UP  !!

We will do what we can to make this happen sooner rather than later.



Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix


When it rains, it pours…

Our gorgeous and sweet black panther Njanja who’s been struggling with serious health issues for more than a year, finally gave up the fight.

He had pancreatic insufficiency, FLUTD and who knows what else 😦 He’d be frighteningly skinny, then he was gaining weight, skinny again, then gaining weight again for such a long time. In December last year he became lethargic, his appetite was poor, he looked worn out and tired of everything and it seemed he knew his time was coming.

He died peacefully and without pain a couple of days ago, he just fell asleep and didn’t wake up again.


In this time of deep sadness and total heartbreak, not even knowing that Njanja was loved dearly and cared for until the end isn’t much of a consolation.

Wonderful Rose who has sponsored him for almost a year and a half has already been informed of his passing, as she loved him deeply and we felt she should be the first to know that he’s gone.

Our sparkling sweet boy is now running in some greener fields, but I’m sure we’ll meet again one day.

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