UK: Rev James Thompson, ‘The Animals Padre’; Has Sadly Passed Away.



james thompson



On my dad’s behalf Rev James Thompson I would like to thank you for your lovely tribute to him he would be over the moon with your kind words!!!


The Rev James Thompson, known as ‘the Animals Padre’, has died.  He was 84 and died in hospital of pneumonia and other complications.

He conducted the animals service at the animals memorial in London every year.

He was also at Hillgrove where he carried out services for the cats.

He was a lovely man, devoted and committed to helping animals all over the world.

We hope he is now over the Rainbow Bridge  and reunited with all the creatures he prayed for in this world.

RIP James, the world has lost a wonderful friend for the animals.




SAV Comment – we had the pleasure of seeing and hearing the animals padre at several events in the past.  He regularly held church services where he allowed all animals into church for a blessing – see photos above.

We thank Rev. James for his devoted love of all animals and for being one of the church who spoke out in the defense of animals.  RIP Rev. James – a kind man who will be greatly missed, but always remembered as a true friend of all living species.







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