England / Brussels: News Update – Serbian Animal Fighting Videos – Thursday 5th February 2015.


News Update – Serbian Animal Fighting Videos – Thursday 5th February 2015.

We have again been in contact with the Brussels office of English MEP Keith Taylor today – as we hope he will be working with us to further the issue of animal fighting in Serbia that we have shown on one of our recent posts.


Keith’s office have informed that the issue should be discussed on Monday 9/2, and we should be informed of news thereafter.

We will keep you updated about further actions on this issue.

Here again is the link we posted to many of the videos – but we would suggest that they are not watched very often as they are very disturbing to animal people.  This is why we now need to take the issue further with the EU Enlargement Commission via Keith.  Serbia needs to enforce its laws and prosecute animal fighters – it is not at this present time – so we suggest that Serbia is not granted membership of the EU until it proves that it IS taking the relevant action.


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