England / Serbia: 28/1/15 – Update News on Serbian Animal Fighting Videos – SAV Work With MEP To Inform Enlargement Commissioner Of Failures In ‘The Rule of Law’ Enforcement.



Regarding our recent very disturbing post associated with organised animal fighting In Serbia:


We immediately followed up (this week) regarding the very disturbing videos and have been in contact with Green Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for South East England – Mr Keith Taylor.  Keith has supported and worked with us in the past regarding Serbian stray dog issue – he is a dedicated animal welfare MEP:



In written response to us on 26/1/15; we have now been informed by Keith’s constituency office in the European Parliament, Brussels, that Keith will most probably now be writing to EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn very soon about this issue and as a result, Serbia’s joining of the EU.

The above first link gives a lot more info on what we are campaigning about.

We have informed Brussels that we are fully prepared to assist Keith with the construction of any letter if required; but we do also feel that we have supplied a lot of info and video links for him to forward to Commissioner Hahn.

Keith as always, as a dedicated animal welfare MEP, we are certain, will help us in raising this important subject of Serbian animal fighting with both the Enlargement Commissioner and also with other EU MEP’s.

We are currently waiting too hear back from Keith’s office in Brussels on the next stage, but we are always free to assist should it be necessary.  Further news will be posted on this site as and when we are able to further update.

keith taylor 2

Keith runs an e newsletter associated with animal welfare.

To sign up for this free e publication, just mail to the following:

IMPORTANTPlease ensure that you put ‘INFO’ as the subject header of your e mail; and nothing else.

Send your mail to:   keithtaylor@greenmeps.org.uk –  be sure to put INFO as the subject header.

keith taylor 1

Once again our thanks go to Keith for his support and help.

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