Petitions and More – 6/2/15. Please Browse and Sign.



Petitions and More, Febr. 6 Government of Chile: We demand the abolition of the new law on hunting “wild” dogs! Ban trapping and trophy hunting worldwide! End Dogfighting! Establishing animal abuser registries, take action please! US-info  Greyhounds;jsessionid=B4C647E589BC209385639BDB162AC7A3.app203b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2709 The Montana livestock industry wants America’s last wild bison dead!  Stop Wild Buffalo Slaughter! Try again  More actions  More 1-click actions to follow! Congress: Hands Off the Endangered Species Act! US-info;jsessionid=6CC2AB028D19855C0ADA75B951868350.app353b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2120 Congress, Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as Wilderness! US-info End Bobcat Trapping in California! Oak Flat, Reject Destructive Arizona Copper Mine! Leave a Grand Legacy, Protect the Grand Canyon’s Watershed! I support a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, once more Fight back against unsustainable palm oil production Urge Performers to Cancel Show at SeaWorld! For an International Criminal Court for Environment and Health Turkey, Istanbul, a new Dog pound will soon be opened, an Auschwitz for 20 000 dogs, resulting in the largest Massacre in the history of Istanbul! Protest please, sign/share! Still needs more signatures! Please share! As well! Arsu Systems, Sweden, using polar bear-hides for insulating materials! Stop the massacre of Polar Bears! Prohibition of endangered species safaris in Africa! Brazil, refuse pandas from the Chinese government, being used as commercial exchange!  France, we oppose the ‘nature reserve’ project Upper Loire Valley, it’s a waste of public money, without added value  Don’t Let Feds Use “Poison Pills” to Kill Mexican Gray Wolves! Argentina, stop the competition run with guanacos until they die!, Bahai and Paraiba, Stop this kind of Rodeo Cruelty!

                            ===========   News and more   =========== Vote NO please and share!  Luxemburg will ban Fox hunting, for 1 year…–the-frontline-protecting-Sumatran-Rhinos New York One Green Planet!


Posted by Anneke Andries at 2:58 AM

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