Serbia: 8/2/15 – News From Felix Shelter About Fiona – She Is Doing Just Fine !

Serbian  Flag


fiona post op


Above – Fiona now after the surgery

Below – immediately after her paw had to be amputated.


fiona paw amputated

Fiona’s doing great, even though she’s a tripod kitty now 🙂 Before it started snowing, she was cheerfully hopping through the yard, scratching cat posts and having fun as if nothing had changed, but now that everything’s white, cold and wet outside, she’s spending most of her time indoors.

A huge thank you to all of you who contributed towards the costs of her surgery and post operative care, thus enabling this beautiful girl to enjoy life again!

winter has come 2015

Yet another snowstorm has hit us yesterday. It’s a heavy, wet snow that never stays around for a long time because it’s just not cold enough.

Although the actual outside temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, the “feels like” temperature is much lower. The stinging wind that brought us the snow chills you right to the bone and most of the kitties are tucked up in their nicely heated rooms; the radiators have suddenly become everyone’s favorite snoozing spots.

However, some of them are sneezing and having eye discharge, it seems to happen every winter, so please, if you can, help us provide them with high quality food and vitamin supplements to make them stronger for what lies ahead.

This year’s cold season is evidently far from finished.

Thank you all in advance!

Regards and thanks – Danica.





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