Australia: Can You Take Part In A Quick Live Export Survey ? – Open To ALL Nationalities.


Al Mawashi 1

If you can find the time to help an Australian student with views on the live export trade, then just click and take part in the short survey which can be accessed below – Thanks SAV.

live ex ship

Above – A live export ship carries Australian animals to death in the Middle East.

Dear Mark

A year 12 student has created this survey on live exports, and we think it’s important that the results they end up with reflect community attitude.

The animals Australia currently exports for slaughter and breeding are sheep, cattle, goats, buffalo and camels. The methods used to slaughter animals are slaughter with stunning, Halal slaughter with reversible stunning, Halal slaughter with no stunning, Kosher slaughter with no stunning and non-Halal, non-Kosher, unstunned street slaughter with added abuse.

The pro-live export mob are onto it already, so we urge you to please take 2 minutes out of your busy day and have your say; just click on the highlighted link above.

In appreciation

Katrina Love

Campaign Manager & Coordinator

Stop Live Exports.

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